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Cording is a type of communication taking place at the energy level between two or more people. The most basic form of cording is between a newborn child and its mother. There is an energy cord going from the child’s base chakra to the mother’s first chakra. Although similar to an umbilical cord, this energy cord remains in place for several years. With this energy cord in place, the child feels secure and connected to the mother and in return, the mother is able to experience any threat ordanger to the child.

Usually, this umbilical-type energy cord is dissolved at two to three years of age. Sometimes, when the mother, or the child, has a difficult time letting go, the cord remains in place for many years. This can explain the reason why some grown-up individuals are still tied very closely with their mothers, usually in unhealthy ways.

Distance, walls, objects… etc do not limit the communication channel.Temporary cording takes place between people all throughout life. The cording takes place between any of the principle seven chakras and may be initiated by either party for different reasons such as affinity, control, knowledge, curiosity…

Cording often occurs without the recipient knowing it. You may feel excessively tired or overwhelmed, feel thoughts are being forced into your mind etc. At times, the cord can be so intrusive that it can cause an intense headache, stomach-ache or other physical distress — especially if it has been in place for a long period of time. It is important to remember that you never are a victim of cording. You allow it eitherthrough agreement or lack of awareness.


Cording is not necessary even though it is a common practice. Cording can generate confusion and tiredness and the psychic communication that it allows can be achieved without the penetration of a cord, leaving the recipient a choice whether to accept or ignore the messages.De-cording is a cleansing exercise that leads to a feeling of harmony and balance as it helps you get rid of external influences within your own energy. In other words, it helps you becoming fully yourself again. Not all cords have to be removed. Obviously an infant will need the base chakra cord to his mother. There are other types of cording that serve your highest good and thus don’t need to be removed.

De-cording is a simple mental exercise that is best done at the end of the day and especially when you can’t get a specific person out of your mind.

Simply close your eyes, visualize yourself in your aura and imagine energy cords being effortlessly pulled back to your body (where they originated). These are the cords you sent to other people and that you don’t need anymore. Once all the cords that you can see have been pulled back and disappeared, fill the holes they created in your aura with your own energy.

Please note that in this technique you don’t need to visualize all the people these cords were linked to.

The second step to this technique is to detach all the cords that other people sent to you and imagine them gently and easily being pulled out of your aura. Make sure to fill the holes they left in your aura with your own energy, especially at the edge of the aura, to keep you protected.

You have total control over the cords that are in your aura. If you sense any resistance or if you have trouble pulling one cord out, try to visualize who that cord is linked to. The first person that comes to your mind will most likely be the one. Try and understand the deeper reason why a part of you refuses to let go of this cord, and eventually, once you have truly understood your subconscious motives, the cord will not offer resistance anymore.

Using humour, thankfulness and forgiveness really helps with these types of visualization. It keeps the energy high and the mind strong. Ensure to keep in mind (or to verbally state before the meditation) to only see the cords that are not necessary for your highest good anymore.

De-cording will produce feelings of lightness, clarity and relaxation. After some practice you will be able to do this technique in a couple of minutes or less.

JEROME BAUDEL - Connecting Light Healing Group

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