Monday, September 29, 2008


All Indigos, whether they are adults over 60 or young people beginning their adult life have struggles with love relationships. While I don't like to make generalizations, all of the Indigos I speak with struggle with some aspect of their love relationships, whether that is being in difficult relationships, not having relationships or always moving from one to the next. Yet Indigos often are happier and more productive when they have a loving partner and they have a lot of love to share with a special someone. And they want a normal relationship with a loving partner but just can't seem to create it. What's the solution?

Part of their relationship struggles have to do with their willingness to trust everyone, even if someone shows them that they shouldn't. Some of their struggles happen because they see the best or the highest potential in others and ignore the signs that the other person is unable to live up to that idealized view. Some choose those who need healing, attention and are energy sponges. And others simply give their hearts to those who won't honor or cherish them. After a few heartbreaks many Indigos give up and decide that they will simply be alone, even though that is not what they really want to do. Indigos don't take heartbreaks very well and they can get more than their share of them.

There is usually a pattern to their relationships and they connect to one (or more) of three types, the user, the abuser or the victim. The user is one who uses their energy, talents and time without giving back, until there is nothing left for the Indigo to give. The abuser uses physical, mental, emotional and sometimes spiritual abuse in the relationship. The victim needs healing and is happy to let their new Indigo partner do everything for them, never fully committing to the relationship. It ends when one or the other has had enough and walks away. Or the victim is healed and finds a new partner.

My first advice to Indigos who seek counsel from me is to focus on what they want and to create fair and equal partnerships. And they should pay attention to their intuition, which is usually very good and heed the warnings it gives them. They can benefit from identifying the types they attract and avoid them-especially victims. They have kind and loving hearts and are very generous with their love, which others can take advantage of. And to remember that many Indigos came here with difficult lessons to learn and some will find lasting relationships later in their life, they are late bloomers who often have much to do and learn before they settle into a fulfilling life path. Finally, to not lose hope because the right person will come at the right time and that connection will be the one that will be right for them.


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