Thursday, December 31, 2009


In 2010 I want to be healthy, peaceful, happy, joyful, calmer, wiser, lighter (both emotionally and physically) more creative, active, patient, understanding, loving, compassionate, spiritual, sensitive and knowledgeable. I want to always focus on the present moment without thinking about yesterday nor worrying about tomorrow. I want to speak less and listen more. I want to eat more organic food and become a better cook to be able to prepare yummy food for Ela so that we don't have any eating issues. I will never force Ela to eat more than she wants and I will never compare her with other children. I will try not to push her into things I once wanted to do as a child if she doesn't like it like ballet, tennis, piano classes, etc. I wish to be an objective parent. I want to be more patient and understanding with my parents (esp. when staying with me). I won't say things I don't mean (just to be nice) but at the same time I want to be less direct with people who get hurt easily (e.g. mother-in-law) and stay silent instead. I want to discover new tastes and I want to travel to Istanbul more often. I want to always remind myself that I don't "possess" Ela but that I'm just here to guide, guard, support, help, teach, advise and raise her. I want to be less judgmental and more patient with Alper and always remember that everybody carries his own piece of truth and there's no right or wrong. I want to smile to at least one stranger every day. I want to be bothered less by people smoking on the street or in cafes next to me. I want to be surrounded by people with higher vibrating energies. I want to say THANK YOU more often. I want to see the simple beauties in my life and show gratitude for the shining sun, the blue sky, the pouring rain, the beautiful trees and flowers. I want to develop my knowledge on Quantum Thinking and apply it more, I want to practise Reiki more often and learn more about alternative healing techniques and spirituality in general. I want to continue to practise Pilates and start to practise Yoga again. I want to find my main purpose in life and why I am here in this lifetime. Amen.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


For the last 2-3 weeks I had the feeling that Ela was quite ready for solid food and this Sunday I finally decided that it was time! I started with pears at breakfast and on Friday I'll move the pear to lunch and give carrots at breakfast. She loved the new taste and seemed to be quite happy to get something other than breastmilk. I wasn't sure at first what to start with since there're some views that say it's better to start with veggies since fruits contain sugar and babies get used to the sweet taste and refuse to eat veggies later but then I read a nice article that supported the opposite's the relevant paragraph:

I've heard that it's better to start vegetables before fruits. Is this true?

Purists recommend that vegetables be introduced before fruits so that infants don't learn to expect that food should always taste sweet. This is one of those nutritional directives that sound great in theory, but many of us who have fed lots of babies have found it hard to put into practice. First of all, babies are born with a sweet tooth. Their tiny tongues are more richly supplied with sweet tastebuds than with any others. This makes sense, because human milk is sweet, and breastfed babies are less likely to willingly accept the bland taste of vegetables than formula-fed babies. While there is no doubt that vegetables are nutritionally superior to fruits, most parents find that babies will happily eat fruits, making them hassle-free first foods. The nutritional content of starter foods is of secondary importance; the main goal of these early solid food feedings is for the baby to learn how to swallow foods of different textures. You're likely to have more success with fruits than with vegetables. When introducing veggies, try the sweet ones first: carrots and sweet potatoes. If you have a baby who loves vegetables, good for you! Don't worry if your baby attacks veggies with less enthusiasm than fruit. He'll eventually learn to like them if you keep offering them.


I cooked the pears a bit before feeding her to prevent diarrhea and since her stool became a bit watery after a few hours I was glad I did that...due to teething Ela had less frequent bowel movements lately but since Sunday she started to poop very frequent and easy again ;))) (I still find it funny to be so happy about poops and wees and gas releases!)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

First shoes

I know it's quite early to think about shoes but I came across this article...

Here’s what we know for sure about baby shoes: They are darn cute. Indeed, many parents confess to buying their baby’s first pair of shoes strictly for pleasure. Beyond the eye appeal, though, there are conflicting opinions about baby shoes. We asked Denis Leduc, chair of the community paediatrics committee of the Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS), to lay to rest the most common myths.
Babies need shoes to ensure proper foot development.
Not true, says Leduc. “A shoe does not shape the foot better — in fact, there is a body of evidence that the development of the arch is encouraged better by walking barefoot.” The CPS statement on infant shoes further says, “Walking barefoot develops good toe gripping and muscular strength.”
However, sometimes a baby’s foot, or walking gait, looks odd to parents. Leduc explains, “Sometimes the intrauterine position will have an effect in the first months. The legs may be bowed or the feet may be turned in. Usually this will just go away. And babies will sometimes stand with their feet turned in, or turned out like Charlie Chaplin, but this is related to how the hips are placed for stability, not the feet. The foot just sort of goes along with the rest of the leg.”
In rare cases where there is a problem that requires treatment, says Leduc, “it might involve physiotherapy or casts, followed by a special orthopaedic shoe.”
Babies need shoes for ankle or arch support.
Wrong again. According to Leduc, there’s no evidence that babies need support when walking. “A shoe doesn’t improve ankle strength,” he says, “on the contrary.”
As for arch supports, these may be necessary for an older child or adult, but babies don’t need them. You might even say they have their own built-in arch support. “A baby’s foot has a fat pad underneath it that makes it look like there is no arch,” explains Leduc. “But the foot isn’t really flat — the fat pad is just concealing the arch.” So a really prominent arch support may not even fit the shape of the baby’s foot.
“A soft shoe is fine,” says Leduc. “It doesn’t have to be a rigid shoe. A baby is out of shoes in three to six months and you could end up spending a lot of money.”
Of course, you’ll have individual preferences. If your baby tends to get hot, sweaty feet, for example, you may want to avoid vinyl shoes, which don’t breathe as well as leather, nylon or canvas. And while ankle boots have no great advantage medically, they are harder for babies to remove.
Whatever the price, a shoe that fits well is important. The CPS advises that shoes must fit properly at the heel (no slipping and sliding), and that new shoes should leave about 1.25 cm (about half an inch) between the longest toe and the tip of the shoe. It can be hard to tell on a baby, so an experienced salesperson can be a big help in ensuring the fit.
Barefoot is always better.
Now that’s going too far. Shoes provide protection, warmth and grip on a slippery surface. “I don’t think they need shoes really unless they go outside,” says Zoé Schuler, mom to nine-month-old Emily. “To protect from rocks, glass and things like that. In the house I would let her go barefoot or in grippy socks.”
“A shoe is to protect a little foot from being bumped, scraped or injured,” agrees Leduc. “That’s all.”
Or not quite all. Shoes work better than anything for keeping little socks on. And sometimes… well sometimes, you have to indulge yourself and add a pair of shoes to the outfit — just because they are so darn cute.

Eski bir yazi yeniden: Cocugun Nefes Egitimi

Kendim de dahil olmak uzere etrafimda bir suru yeni bebek sahibi oldugu icin asagidaki yaziyi yeniden hatirlamak ve hatirlatmak istedim...

Bebeklerin diyaframlarini cok iyi kullandiklarini hepiniz duymussunuzdur. Bebek dogum anindan sonra oyle bir ilk sesleniste bulunur ki, yaklasIk uc kilogramlik agirliga sahip vucudu ile butun hastaneyi cinlatacak yuksek bir volume ulasir.Kendinden otuz hacim daha fazla akcigerlere sahip insanlar bu volume asla ulasamazlar. Bebek butun sIkayet ve ihtiyaclarini gun boyu aglayarak ifade etmesine ragmen sesi kisilmaz. Ama yetiskin insan bes dakika aglasa sesi kisiliriki gun kendine gelemez. “Nedir bebegi daha fazla ses volumune ve ses dayanikliligina sahip kilan sey?” diye sorarsaniz. Cevabi, "henuz bozulmamis olarak tam kapasite ile kullanabildigi diyafram adalesidir."derim. O zaman sunu anlariz ki diyafram adalesini bebek daha sonra sahip olamayacagi bir performansta kullaniliyor. Peki, daha sonra ne oluyor da bebek cok yuksek performansta kullandigi diyafram adalesini ayni basarida kullanmaktan uzaklasiyor? Bu sorunun cevabinin iyi anlasilabilmesi icin biraz teknik bilgi gerekiyor.Oncelikle diyafram solunumu ( alt solunum ) ile kaburga solunumu ( ust solunum )arasindaki farklara goz atmak gerekir. Ust solunum trioksin ve adrenalin salgisi ile sempatik sistemi inhibe eden bir etki yaratir. Sempatik sistem aktive oldugunda kisi yasam heyecani, nese, dikkat kazanirken ayni zamanda korku ve endise yuklenir. Savas ya da kac etkisi ortaya cikar. Bu durumun zihindeki karsiligi ayrilik bilinci, benlik bilinci, kutuplasma, rekabet, deneyimleme arzusu, olmayana erdirgeyerek ogrenme durumudur. Diyafram kullanimi ile parasempatik sistemin sinir dugumlerine basinc uygulandiginda sempatik sistemin karsiti olan yuzles ya da kabul et etkisi ortaya cikar. Parasempatik sisteme bagli salgilarin zihinde yarattigi surec birlik bilinci, beraberlik, eslesme, sessizlik, sakinlik, kosulsuz sevgi, olani oldugu gibi kabul etmedir. Butunsel solunumda bu iki sistem birbirine koordineli olarak calistigi zaman her sey tam olmasi gerektigi gibidir. Ancak bu iki sistemden birinin onde olmasi butun dengeyi bozar. Simdi gelelim bebek ne zaman ve ne sekilde diyaframini kullanmaktan vazgeciyor sorusuna… Dunyaca unlu cocuk uzerine uzmanlasmis psikologlarin genel gorusune gore cocuk gelisme doneminde uc farkli donemden geciyor. Bu gecis donemlerinde rehberlik verilmediginde zorlaniyor. Bu donemlerden ilki 2-3 yas arasina denk geliyor.Tamamen melek olan ve dualiteden hic haberi olmayan bebek, bu donemde ilk defaiyi- kotu, guzel-cirkin, dogru-yanlis, kadin-erkek vs…gibi dualitik kavramlarla tanisiyor. Bu konuda rehberlik verilmediginde ayrilik bilincine geciyor ve kendince tanimlar yaparak kutuplasiyor. Bu ona yapilan “erkek adam aglamaz”, ya da “sen kiz cocugusun haddini bil” seklinde empozelerle butunluk anlayisindan uzaklasmasina yol aciyor. Sahip oldugunu zannettigi degerlerini koruma arzusu yuzunden endise ve korku duymasi sonucunda sempatik sinir sistem devamli aktive oluyor. Bu durum onun diyafram solunumu yerine devamli ust solunumda kalmasini gerektiriyor ve sonucta diyafram solunumu kaybediliyor. Cocugun 2-3 yaslarindaki diyaframdan ilk uzaklasmasini, ikinci kritik donem olarak ilk okul oncesindeki gecis donemi takip eder. Burada tamamen korku ve endise ile beslenen, yaristirilan, rekabet icine sokulan cocuk tamamen sempatik sinir sisteminin etkisi altinda yasamini surdurur. Bunu ucuncu devre olan ergenlik donemi takip eder. Kendini karsi cinsten eksIk veya fazla gorme, daha iyiyi olusturmak icin digerlerini ekarte etme empozesi (okul birincisi olma, OSS imtihaninda herkesi gecmek zorunda olma ) ve degerlerini koruma arzusu ( mal sahibi olma ) vs gibi sahiplenme ve beklentilerin yarattigi korku ve endiselerle tamamen diyaframdan kopup ust solunuma tasinir. O artik cok nadir zamanlarda diyaframini hatirlar ve derin bir ohhh cekmeyi bile unutur. Bundan sonra toplumun onergeleri, dinler, felsefeler, orfler, gelenekler, anne babanin kendi anlayisini baskilamasi, yasam kaygisi, hizlanan zamanin ve teknolojinin rekabet empozesi tamamen birlik bilincinden ayrilik bilincine gecilmesine, beraberinde korku ve endisenin sonucu olan ust solunuma gecilmesini garantiler. Artik bu noktadan sonra ozel bir egitim ve farkindalik calismasi yapmadan tekrar diyaframi kullanabilmek neredeyse imkansizdir. Ust solunumun yetersiz oksijen alma modeline bagli olarak fiziksel, duygusal ve dusunsel rahatsizliklar gundeme gelir. Aci ve zorluklarla dolu kisir bir dongunun icinde bilincalti sIkismis hicbir cikis yolu bulamayan insan profili ortaya cikar. Cocuk bu kritik gecis donemlerinde dogru rehberlik alarak ve nefes tekniklerinin sundugu dogru nefes alma calismalarini yaparak nefesini kontrol etmeyi ogrenebilir. Bunun sonucunda fizik duygu ve dusunce bedenleri uzerinde tam bir hakimiyet kurarak her turlu zorlugun ustesinden gelebilecek bir yeterlilige ulabilir. Sadece nefesini dogru kullanabildigi icin her zaman ve her yerde dengeli ve uyumlu olarak yüksek bilinc ve daimi farkindalik boyutunda kalabilir. Mustafa Kartal www.nefesteknik.azbuz.com0555 697 50 64

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

LONG TIME NO SEEEEE...'s been such a long time since my last entry...almost a year..though it feels much longer...probably because my life has changed a hundred percent since little Ela arrived on 22nd June this year and I was definitely re-born with her...I can't describe the feeling of being a's just not possible..I guess only a mother can understand the amazing love, compassion, affection, passion and amazing connection you have with your baby.

Yesterday we celebrated Ela's half year birthday...our first six months together have been very joyful and full with happiness. Ela is pretty much an angel baby and I really can't complain about anything in general..she almost slept through the first three months and after her 4th month we were able to set up a routine which has allowed me to have my own time in the evenings and during her naps at daytime. 2 weeks ago she went through her first teething period and I have to say she coped very well with this dramatic change in her body...she only became red cheeks and was slightly fussy...I think she's also been quite ready for solid food for a while now but due to the risk of allergies and asthma I decided to start this weekend with pear puree...I'm planning to stick to Annabel Karmel's meal planner for babies. Starting with pears at breakfast for three days and then introducing a new food and moving the pears to lunch time. I'm planning to give squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, apples, oatmeal and (brown) rice cereal at the beginning.
Today we went to the pediatrician for a routine check-up...Ela weighs 8.450 gr and is 69.5 cm long now...she's relatively big for her age but I think babies are bigger now than they used to be since almost all of my friends' babies are bigger than average. Concerning her motor skills she started to roll from her back onto her stomach (only to the right) 10 days ago..when lying on her back she can move backwards when there's to push with her feet...she's also trying to crawl but so far she can only move a few centimeters. Her favorite activity nowadays is sitting (with my support) and grabbing toys and throwing them away, picking them up and throwing away again, picking up and throwing away again, this could probably go on for hours if I didn't get bored ;)))
She's also crazy about computer keyboards...she almost loses herself in front of the screen...I wonder if there are any toys that look like real laptops or computers???

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Enlightenment and How to Achieve it by Neale Donald Walsh

The transcript of a talk by Neale on the nature of Enlightenment and how to achieve it, before a live audience in Ashland, Oregon in July, 2004. Slight revisions have been made to this text by Neale through the years since that talk, providing even greater coherence with his experienced truth. Neale considers this one of the most important talks he has ever given. We hope you enjoy it.
I've decided tonight to talk about Enlightenment-this elusive magical mystical experience for which everyone seems to be reaching and for which everyone seems to have a yearning, and for which every one seems to be searching. And I understand the reasons for the search, because if we all were enlightened one presumes that our lives would be better than they are now, when we are presumably unenlightened.
In addition, it occurs to me that if all of us were enlightened relatively quickly, the whole world would be different and we would experience life in another way. Presumably with less turmoil, with less stress, with less conflict, for sure, I would imagine, with less sadness and anger and less violence and much less of all the things that make our lives sad and disjointed and unhappy in these days and times.
So humanity searches for Enlightenment and we have been searching for Enlightenment from the beginning of time, ever since we became consciously aware of the fact that it was possible to be Enlightened-whatever that is.
We have not only been searching for Enlightenment, we have been searching as well for a definition of Enlightenment, because we can't get to that destination until we know where we are going. And so the first step for most human beings has been to try to define what Enlightenment is, or what it looks like, or feels like, or tastes like, or what it is like to experience that. And then, after we have that clear, after we know what our destination is, then we can try to figure out what would it take to get from where we are to where we want to be.
And there is this rush to Enlightenment that I observe that humanity, or a portion of humanity, is engaged in. And many say that they know how to get there and they know how to get you there. And so we see many, many "Paths to Enlightenment" that are suggested, recommended, created, expressed, experienced, shared, and put into the space of our collective lives. Masters of every shape and size and color have been creating a way to be enlightened for millennia.
Paramahansa Yogananda said that he knew a way to Enlightenment. The Buddha said that he knew a way to Enlightenment. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi says that he knows a way to Enlightenment. Sai Baba says that he knows a way to Enlightenment. In their own way, Jesus the Christ and Abu Al-Qasim Muhammad ibn Abd Allah ibn Abd Al-Muttalib ibn Hashim-Muhammad-said that they knew the way to Enlightenment.
Now the interesting thing here is that the followers of all of these Masters have insisted that their Master was right about that, that their way was the best way and the fastest way. Maybe not the only way, but the fastest way and, therefore, you needed to take that way. There was a great urgency. You needed to become Catholic or you needed to take Transcendental Meditation or you needed to learn Tai Chi, or you needed to raise your vibrational rate, or your needed to change your brain, or, for heaven sake, change something. And not some time, but right now, immediately, this month.
You needed to join this group or do that process or read this book or be baptized or be un-baptized or do whatever it is that you have been told by your particular master or monk is the fastest, quickest way for you to get to where all of us want to go-which is the place called "enlightenment," "awareness," "higher consciousness," or "vibrational harmony."
The brain is now the latest path, the latest route, everyone is talking about. It is about moving your energy, your focus, your awareness, your presence, your essence, the vibration of Who You Are, from the brain stem to the frontal lobe. Many people are teaching this now. Many people are talking about actual science, physical science, brain chemistry, as a path to this thing we call Enlightenment.
All of that is wonderful. That is just terrific, and it gives me great hope for humanity. But there is something we have to look at here. There is a pitfall here, a detour, a time-waster. And even a danger, if we choose to damage others with it. The danger of this business of Enlightenment is two-fold. The first danger is thinking that there is something specific that you have to do in order to get there, and that if you don't do that, you can't get there. The second danger is thinking that your way to get there is the fastest, best way to do it.
A few years ago-now I guess it's about 15 or 20 ears ago-I was approached by people in the est movement. Werner Erhard created the Erhard Seminar Trainings, which was a huge movement in the new thought community in the U.S. and around the world around 25 years ago or so.
The people who were involved in the est movement were absolutely convinced that this was the fastest way to Enlightenment. So they began recruiting people to take est, and they became very engaged in that process. It was almost urgent, an urgent matter with them. And they couldn't understand why you didn't get the urgency, if you didn't get it. They would look at you and say, "You just don't get it, do you?"
This was natural, because they had found something that changed their whole life virtually over night and they wanted to give that to you and they knew that this was The Way. There were many ways. This wasn't the only way, but this was probably the fastest way.
And I enrolled in the est program and I, too, became enlightened. In fact, I became so enlightened that I realized that I did not need est to be enlightened-which really upset the est people, because they wanted me to take the next level and the next level and the next level of the training.
est was a program that had multitudinous levels. You could take level one, level two, level three-they had very fancy names for them. And once you got in the program you could virtually never get out of it. You had to almost extract yourself from it. And if you did get out of it, you were made to feel by those who were inside of it that you had done something desperately sad. Not wrong, just very sad. Because you just didn't get it.
Many years ago Paramahansa Yogananda started the Self-Realization Fellowship. Yogananda taught in the West from 1920 until his death in 1952. He published his life story, Autobiography of a Yogi, in 1946. It went far in introducing vedic philosophy to the West.
When Yogananda, or Master, as he was called, came to America he brought a technique for "self-realization," which was his phrase meaning Enlightenment. When you realize who the Self is, you become enlightened. You are more aware. You are more at peace with the world. You are internally serene, content, and thus, wonderful empowered, in a quiet, gentle sort of way, to move through life, to create outcomes, to experience Divine Presence in you, as you.
I want you to understand, I want you to be clear, that I am not making fun of any of this. I am not putting this down or making this "wrong" or in any way denigrating or belittling any of this. This is all very real, very real. Every person who has ever achieved mastery in her or his life has wanted to share it with others; share the experience, share the path, give it away. Why? Because if they are truly enlightened, truly aware, they come to know at a deep level, they experience at a deep level, that most human beings are operating from a place of pain, extreme suffering, emotional turmoil, physical dis-ease - and that these people are, as a result, creating an entire world like that.
So the Master has great compassion. Compassion for the individual and compassion for the world that all of us individuals are creating. The Master knows that such a world, a world of such suffering and pain and lack of happiness and joy, is not necessary. But first, you have to know Who You Are.
Paramahansa Yogananda described himself as being enlightened. That is how he described himself. And, by the way, he was enlightened. He was enlightened because he said he was.
Yes. I hate to break the spell that anyone may be under, but to be enlightened is to say that you are. It is quite as simple as that, and we will talk more about that in just a minute.
People heard Paramahansa Yogananda give his talks and explain his technique for Enlightenment, which involved a process that included, among other things, deep meditation every day. And the process was one that Paramahansa Yogananda taught to his students and his students taught to their students, and their students taught to their students, on and on, until a very large number of people all over the United States, and indeed, around the world, were involved in this Self-Realization Fellowship, which, by the way, continues to function to this day and now has many followers.
If you talk to some of those members of the Self-Realization Fellowship, they will tell you, "This is the way. This is the path. Master has shown us the path. There are many other paths, this is not the only path, and this may not be the best path, but it is the surest path that we know of, and so come and join the Self-Realization Fellowship." And that is wonderful, because that is their experience, and they are sincerely sharing that.
In even more contemporary times, a fascinating man named Maharishi surfaced a few of decades ago and he announced yet another path to Enlightenment. His path was called Transcendental Meditation or, for short, TM. Maharishi made friends with the Beatles when they were at the height of their popularity, and within a very short period of time became very popular around the world and began teaching far more widely and creating temples and meditation centers all around the globe.
He established huge universities. There is a very large one in Fairfield, Iowa, right now. And there are other learning centers that he has established around the world. And many so-called TM Centers.
Now, I learned Transcendental Meditation and I learned it from other students who learned it from other students who learned it from other students who learned it from other students, who learned it from the Master. And there is some sense of quiet urgency on the part of some of those people in the transcendental meditation movement, because they will tell you that transcendental meditation is a tool that can bring you to Enlightenment in a very short period of time, and they want that for you.
When you have a life-changing technology you naturally want to share it with as many people as you can. And there is nothing wrong with that. That is very exciting and it is very wonderful. But as with sex and as with sugar and as with any good thing, it can throw you out of balance if you are not careful, if you just go overboard with it.
Now there are many other programs as well. Like Maharishi and transcendental meditation, like Paramahansa Yogananda and the Self-Realization Fellowship, like Werner Erhard and the est program. There are many programs. Many approaches, many paths developed by many Masters. There was a book written called Many Lives, Many Masters, by a wonderful man named Brian Weiss, and he talks about the fact that there are many ways to reach the mountaintop. Which way, then, should we recommend? Which way, then, should we encourage others to take?
Or should we simply encourage others to investigate for themselves the many paths that there are, and empower them to know that inside their heart and soul they will pick the path that is just right for them if their intention is pure and if their desire is true?
God says, "No one calls to me who is not answered."
And each of us will be answered by that which we call divine, in the way which most effectively responds to the vibration that we hold and create from the center of our being. To put this another way, God, or divinity, or Enlightenment, if you please, appears in the lives of every person in a form that is most appropriate to their background, their culture, the level of their understanding, the level of their desire, and their willingness.
This very conversation, and the transcript of it that many will be reading, falls into that category. For some, it will be perfect, the perfect tool of communication. For others it will not, and they will not even have read this far and will not know what is being said here.
So there are many means of communication, and there are many disciplines: physical disciplines, mental disciplines, spiritual disciplines, and some disciplines that involve all three -- the body, the mind and the spirit.
We spoke of The Buddha earlier. It is good to tell the whole story.
His name was Siddhartha Gautama. He lived in riches and luxuries as a young man, because his father and his family were the rulers of a large area of countryside and had much wealth. They tried to protect Siddhartha from any knowledge of the outside world for many years. And they kept him on the grounds of the family compound, but one day Siddhartha ventured outside the walls to learn of life as it existed on the street.
He learned of poverty and of illness and of disease and of cruelty and of anger and of all the so-called negative experiences that no one ever allowed him to experience when he was inside the gates of his family's vast estate. And he gave up all of his riches and all of his luxuries, his whole family, left his wife and children and everyone at home and disappeared, essentially, and embarked on his search for Enlightenment.
"What can I do?" he asked himself, "What can I do?" And he then underwent a series of very rigorous physical and mental disciplines, from fasting to day-long meditations to physical trainings, of every imaginable sort. And this went on for quite awhile, not a week or two, but for a long time. Something like six years.
He sought out other Masters and asked them how they had achieved or moved toward the experience of Enlightenment, and he did as they told him, because he wanted to honor the Masters that he met along his path. But nothing brought him the experience of Enlightenment. It only brought him an emaciated body, and a life that was made difficult with physical and mental discipline and training.
One day Siddhartha Gautama said, "I've tried everything. I've done all the physical disciplines, all the trainings, all the exercise, all the starvation, all the diets, all the fasting, and all the meditation. Now I'm just going to sit here beneath this tree and I'm not getting up until I'm Enlightened."
And there he sat, doing nothing. No exercises, no meditations, no fasting, no nothing, just sitting there doing absolutely nothing. Now that is hard for many of us to do, because we think there is something we are suppose to be doing in order to be Enlightened.
Suddenly Siddhartha said with a start: "I'm Enlightened." And people came to him and cried out, "What did you do? What did you do? Teach us, Master! You have become the Buddha, the Enlightened One. What is the secret? What did you do?"
And the Buddha said something quite extraordinary: "There is nothing that you have to be, do, or have."
Imagine. After all that time. After the life he had lived and all that he did and saw. After all the luxury and then all the self-denial, after wearing a silk shirt and then a hair-shirt, after thoroughly satisfying his body and then starving his body, and no spiritual or physical discipline and then tons of discipline...after all that time, he realized it was not about doing or having anything and it was not about not doing or having anything. It was about the middle way. It was about just living life, non-attached to anything in particular. Not attached to your luxuries and joys, and not attached to your poverty and tragedies. It was not about any of that. It can be if you want it to be. It can be if that is what suits you. It can be if that is your path, but it is not necessary to be, do, or have anything in particular.
The Buddha said, in effect, "I'm Enlightened because I have realized that Enlightenment is knowing that there is nothing you have to do to be Enlightened."
Isn't that interesting? Think of all the effort that people are putting in, with years-long programs and trainings, only to find out that Enlightenment requires nothing at all!
We all have the possibility of becoming Enlightened. We all have the possibility of finding peace and joy and love. I, too, like the Buddha, like Jesus the Christ, like Paramahansa Yogananda, like Maharishi, like Ilchi Lee, choose to seek Enlightenment, choose to achieve awareness, choose to raise my vibrational frequency, choose to experience Divine Presence and Divine Essence within me.
Now, like all of those other Masters, I have tried everything. First I tried orthodox religion. I said my rosary faithfully every day, because there was this formula that you could use, there was a litany, there was a process, by which we could become connected with God, and have God hear our prayers and forgive our sins and make us holy again.
I also tried fasting. I tried meditation. I tried reading every book I could get my hands on. I took est. I learned Transcendental Meditation. I learned Transactional Analysis. I walked down many paths, many, many paths.
And then one day I had an out-of-body experience. Now that was interesting, because I wasn't trying to do this. I was trying to produce outcomes with my fasting, I was trying to produce outcomes with my meditation, I was trying to produce outcomes with my rosary and with my disciplines, but those were not bringing me what I was seeking, those were not taking me where I wanted to go.
Now here I was, just simply trying to get some sleep. I just fell asleep. But in that moment I flew out of my body quite involuntarily. Just left. And I knew that I left. It was a conscious awareness. I was not in my body and I knew I was not.
I won't take time here to explain to you or describe for you my experience, although I can tell you it was very real -- it is very real to me to this very day. I've had three such experiences in my life, two since the original one. And every one of those experiences brought me to the same place: a space of absolute -- capital "A" -- Awareness. Kind of like an AA meeting: Absolute Awareness. And when I returned from my very first out-of-body experience, I was left with two words that blew my mind. Would you like to know what they were?
"Nothing matters."
Nothing matters.
What an amazing message for my soul to receive from the Unified Soul that is all of Life. Nothing matters. And yet, like the est training, like Transcendental Meditation, like my venturing into the Self Realization work of Paramahansa Yogananda, it changed my life. And here's the message behind the message:
Because nothing matters intrinsically, I am free to declare what I choose to have matter to me.
If something matters intrinsically, that is to say, if something matters to, shall we say, God, then I darned well had better figure out what that is, because if I don't figure out what it is, I will be the thing called condemned, or at the very least, unenlightened.
But a voice in my out-of-body experience said to me, "Nothing matters." I knew then that we are free to "make matter" what you choose to make matter in our lives. And I mean that in two ways: not only to make matter, but to make something into matter. That is, to make manifest in physical reality something out of invisible energy, to turn energy into matter.
This is called "making miracles," and there are people on this planet -- monks and avatars and Masters -- who do this all the time. You can do this, too, they tell you. And you can. I do it all the time. Maybe I don't do it as fast as some of the monks or avatars, but even in my own life the Time Lapse between Choice and Manifestation is becoming scarily scanty. I mean, it sometimes scares me to notice how little time is passing these days between the time that I say I choose something and the time that I have it.
Whether it's a particular experience or a physical thing or a real-world outcome, I find that I am able to manifest things so rapidly now that I actually have to start watching what I think and say! (Which is what every teacher from the beginning of time has been telling us to do! They've been telling us that our thoughts, words, and actions are the Tools of Creation!)
So here is what I wish to share with you...
If you think there is a Path to Enlightenment that is the only path, the best path, the fastest path, the one that everyone has to know about by 10 o'clock tomorrow morning, you may suddenly find yourself feeling pressure, stress, a false urgency, even upset, and your ego may become deeply involved in convincing as many people as you can that the path you have found is the path they just have to experience.
Suddenly you will start acting not like a Master at all, but like someone who is under a terrific amount of pressure and stress, because it will suddenly matter to you whether I "get" what you are trying to tell me.
If you are not careful, you even start having quotas or goals. You'll have to get a certain number of other people to agree with you every week, or every month, or every year. And if you don't meet those goals you will think that you have not done a good job.
And yet, you have done a good job if you simply love without expectation, without requirement, without needing anything in return.
Enlightenment, when it is all said and done, has nothing to do with what you do with your body or your mind. It has to do with what you do with your soul. If you simply love everyone whose life you touch endlessly, unconditionally, with nothing needed or wanted in return, you have become Enlightened, you have achieved Awareness, and you have shown everyone how they may do so as well -- as fast as any other system that exists, like that.
As fast as Transcendental Meditation, like that. As fast as joining the Self-Realization Fellowship, like that. As fast as taking est (now called the Forum), like that. As fast as Brain Education and Dahn Hak and Vibrational Attunement and any other process or mechanism or path you can name. And if you learn to love yourself unconditionally, as well as everyone else, you will heal your entire self without lifting a finger.
Now I want to discuss this thing called health, because many people believe that you are not enlightened unless you are in good health.
Does Enlightenment mean being in good health? And what is "good health" anyway? Is good health having a body that has nothing wrong with it? Is good health living until you are 90 or 100 or 200 or 500?
Is good health having no pain and nothing malfunctioning with your physical form? Is good health the absence of anything that is not perfect in your physical experience?
Or -- now listen to this carefully -- is good health being very okay and in a place of joy and peace no matter how things are?
What is health, what is optimum health, if it is not happiness?
I know people who exercise every day, lifting weights and running and working out, eating well, doing all the right things, and their bodies are in great health, but their hearts and their minds and their souls are very ill and desperately sad. They are incomplete, unfulfilled, unexpressed, and deeply unhappy.
And I know people who are hardly able to lift a toothpick, they are so...their bodies are in such bad shape...but their hearts and their minds and their souls are bright as a shining star, and they are happy.
I know such a man, whose name is Ram Dass. Do you know of whom I speak? Ram Dass is a Master, and I am vastly privileged to have met him personally. He has taught many people for many years. He wrote a book called Be Here Now, among others.
A number of years ago now, Ram Dass had a stroke. He was a young man; he was only 63 or something like that. I met with Ram Dass after his stroke, in a hotel room in Denver, and I want to tell you something. I've never met a healthier man.
I sat in that room with a Master. I said, "Ram Dass, how are you?" And he sat there in his wheelchair and said very slowly and very carefully, "I am won-der-ful." He had to pronounce each syllable as if it was a separate word. His mouth, his tongue, wouldn't work right, they couldn't work any faster than that. But he looked at me and smiled and said, "I-am-won-der-ful."
Now that's health...that's health. That's peace. That's joy.
And I cried. Not for Ram Dass. Who would cry for a person who said something like that? I cried for myself.
How could I have missed it? How could I have walked right past this wisdom for so many years? I cried with joy as well, for my having reminded myself of it again -- before it was too late, before I could not do anything with it or about it.
Ram Dass sat there and we talked. I asked him many questions because I wanted to hear, right from his wonderful mind, how he felt about life and what he'd experienced of this time here. And he had great patience with me. He must have heard my questions a hundred times before -- nay, a thousand times before -- from people hanging on his every word. But he listened intently, as if he was hearing them for the first time.
What is Life really about? How does one achieve happiness? Is it possible for us to truly self-realize? What is love, real love, to you? All those questions that you want to ask when you are sitting down with a Master.
He did not rush his answers. I had the impression that he was thinking deeply about each one, going within to see, not how he'd answered that question before, but what his experience was now.
It was a moment of incredible giving. He was just giving to me.
Now when you have so much happiness, so much peace, so much wisdom and joy that you spend your life sharing it with everyone else, no matter what your predicament, that's Enlightenment. You have become a Master.
When your life is no longer about you, has nothing to do with you, but is about everyone else whose life you touch, you have become a Master. Because a Master knows that your life has to do with nobody else but you -- because the You that you are is the Only Thing There Is. There's nobody else in the room. I'm talking to myself now.
I'm talking to my Self.
In the end, that is why you came here. You came here to know that. You came here to understand Who You Are, and to experience it. You did not come here -- to the earth, I mean, to your body -- to somehow "get better" or to "work on your stuff." Consider the possibility that all the work you will ever need to do is finished. All you have to do now is know that.
So this moment is the moment of your liberation. You can be liberated from your life-long search for Enlightenment. You can be released from any thought that it has to look like, no, it has to look like that, no, no, you have to get to it by this path, by that program, by the other process or activity.
You may still do those things if you choose to, but if you feel stressed about them, if you feel pressured by them, then how could they be a path to Enlightenment?
I know a Master named Ilchi Lee, who I mentioned just before. He created a wonderful path to Enlightenment called Dahn Hak. It is a body-mind-spirit discipline, an integration process that you can engage in for the rest of your life. People have devoted their whole lives to it. It's wonderful. I've tried it. It works. It makes you feel better. It makes you feel more whole, more complete, more integrated. Many are finding their way to Enlightenment with it. If Enlightenment is outer joy and inner peace, outer ease and inner tranquility, outer consciousness and inner awareness, then many people are finding their way to Enlightenment with it.
I asked Ilchi once whether people needed Dahn Hak to become Enlightened. His answer was immediate. "No," he said. He didn't even try to qualify his response. He didn't equivocate. He just gave me a one word answer. "No."
The point here is that there is no One Way up the mountaintop. Every true Master knows this.
So set yourself free today. Stop working so hard on yourself that you don't even enjoy it anymore. Do what works for you, but make sure it brings you joy. Enlightenment is EnJOYment. It is the pouring of pure joy into Life.
Now here is what I know will bring you joy. Decide that the rest of your life -- every day, every moment, every word -- is something that you will share with everyone whose life you touch in a way that ensures that they will know there is nothing they have to do, nowhere they have to go, and no way they have to be, in order to be loved by you right now. Let them know that they are perfect just as they are, just as they are standing there.
Spend the rest of your life giving people back to themselves, that they might love themselves, and know that there is nothing they are lacking, nothing they are missing, nothing they need, nothing they are not.
Yet how can people know that, when it seems so real that they are lacking, that they are missing something, that there is much they are not? How can you help them to see the truth?
Show them what Conversations with God has said on this subject: That which you choose to give to another will become real in your experience as well. And so, what you wish to experience, give away. Be the source, in the life of another, of what you wish to have in your own.
A sure way for anyone to experience that they are enlightened is to cause another to know that THEY are.
That is the message and that will be the teaching of the New Spirituality. That is why Namaste' has become such a powerful, such a meaningful and special, exchange of energy:
"The God in me sees the God in you."
There's nothing more to be done if we really mean that.
Of course, if we are saying that because it sounds good, then there is a great deal more to be done. But if we really mean that...if, when we say that, we really mean that...then the struggle is finished, the search is over, and Enlightenment is ours at last.
This is the message that I bring to the world. This is the message that has been given to me in my conversations with God, and I might add, in my conversations with every Master I have ever met or known of. They all say the same thing.
God sees your perfection, and merely waits for you to do so. And you will see your perfection, the perfection in yourself, in the moment that you recognize it; that is re-cognize it; that is, know it again, in the face of another.
When you see perfection in the face of another, only then can you see perfection in your own.
It has been said that the other is your mirror, and you will see there naught but what you see in yourself. Yet I tell you this. Do not wait to see yourself as perfect before you see The Other as perfect. See The Other as perfect first, then you will see perfection in yourself. Forgive the other first, then you will forgive yourself at last. Do unto others as you would have it done unto you. This is the Law and the Prophets.
For there IS no Other, save You. And when you know this, you save you.
I am about bringing to the earth a New Spirituality, and creating the space of possibility for such a spiritual experience to emerge upon the planet. It will invite the world's people, one by one, to explore the many paths to Enlightenment, and to walk the path that feels most natural, most inviting, most exciting, most joyful to them. And for some, that might mean doing absolutely nothing at all. (Neale chuckles.) Once I was giving this talk and someone said to me...
I couldn't help but notice all the Master's names you were speaking of were male. I am just wondering if you could share, if you've met any Masters that were women?
And my answer was, "No. Women are not allowed to become Masters." And there was great laughter, because, of course, everyone knew I was making fun of the way a great swatch of humanity holds this idea.
We all know that there are many, many Masters, both ancient and contemporary, who have been female. Mary, the other of Jesus, is surely held up as a Master. So are Hildegard of Bingen, Beatrice of Nazareth, Julian of Norwich, Teresa of Avila, St. Catherine of Genoa, Joan of Arc, Birgittta of Sweden, Mother Meera, Mother Theresa, and many, many others that we could all name, and whom we all honor.
One who affected my life with enormous impact was Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. Jean Houston is another. Barbara Marx Hubbard is another. Marianne Williamson is another. I know many Masters who are female.
I believe that my mother was a Master, because she was the first one who taught me that happiness was being okay with exactly what is so, right here, right now. Even if something was happening that she didn't like, she would say, "God bless it!" Never God dammit. No, no, she would never say that. Always, God bless it!
When I inquired one day as to why she always said that, rather than cursing like "normal" people, she glanced at me with a look of utter surprise, as if she couldn't believe I had asked the question. "Why would I want God to damn something?" she said simply, with the innocence and purity of a saintly child.
"Always say 'God bless it' to everyone and everything, and you know what? God will."
What a wonderful teaching from your own mother!
So if you want to reach mastery, you can do it. And you can do it by going through five years of training or you can do it in five minutes. God forbid we should forget about our disciplines! But you can actually just forget about them. You can move straight to Enlightenment as The Buddha did -- and the creators of all those disciplines would be the first ones to tell you that.
So why bother with all these various "disciplines"? Because they remind you of what you are trying to do. Spiritual disciplines and sacred rituals break up our habitual movement through the days and nights of our lives and send us back to First Purpose. They cut through the routines we've established and the detours we've been taking and send us back in the direction we wish to go -- which is the direction whence we came. They send us back home.
They do so by re-minding us of Who We Are and what we are doing here. So we make the sign of the cross, or we bow to the east, or we chant a chant, or we take the trek to Mecca, or we sit in silence, or we bless the bread, or we bless each other, all so that we might know again, be reminded again, of Who We Really Are, of who The Other is, and of our sacred Oneness and Purpose.
You can either go through five years of training or you could just (snapping his fingers) decide right now that when you walk into a room, every room you walk into from now on, will feel better to be in because you are there. You can decide, right now, that this moment and this space will be the place and the time of your emergence as The One, as the Messenger, as the Truth.
What I am talking about here is simply sharing love, which is who you really are. And if you learn and choose and decide to share love -- endlessly, unconditionally -- with everyone, you will find that there is nothing else to do to seek Enlightenment. You will have achieved it.
I love you all.
Thank you, and goodnight.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Indigos, Self-Love and Past Trauma

A Message From Doreen Virtue

Indigo Children are often perfectionists, and they can be very hard on themselves. They beat themselves up for every perceived infraction. One of the reasons why they become aggressively defensive when you scold them is that they're already painfully aware that they've made a mistake.
Even though Indigos can be maddening at times, it's important to temper how you express your anger toward them. Begin with complimenting them about what they did right before you tell them what they did wrong. Never forget to explain why, and give them reasons for your requests. Help your children understand that everyone makes mistakes. As A Course in Miracles says, "Mistakes require correction, not punishment." So often, Indigo Children feel shame due to their unique qualities, and because they've been told that they're "disordered." Their awkward social skills may cause Indigos to make mistakes when interacting with their friends.
Here are some spiritual healing methods that you can teach your Indigo Children to use whenever they feel that a mistake has been made:

The undoing
When we make a mistake, the effects of that error have a ripple effect. For example, when I was in junior high, I gossiped about a girl. Very soon, the gossip was spread throughout the entire school, and the girl was understandably very hurt and angry. As a result of that event, I learned to keep secrets and avoid gossiping.
So, we Indigo Children may learn valuable lessons from our mistakes, yet we can also learn these lessons without having to suffer. A very effective method for dealing with mistakes is called "The Undoing." This method stops the ripple effects of mistakes from spreading forward. It helps the energy roll backward so that time is unzipped and the energy of the original mistake is undone. The Undoing works, because time is simultaneous instead of linear. Here's how to do it:
The next time your children make a mistake, ask them to say the following:
"Dear God, I acknowledge that I have made a mistake, and I ask that all effects of that mistake be undone in all directions in time, for everyone concerned. Thank You."
Ask your children to sit quietly, breathing deeply, while The Undoing takes place. Share with them anything you felt or saw during the process, and ask them to do the same with you. This method creates miracles! Most likely, the people involved in the argument or misunderstanding will forget why they were upset with your Indigos. They will truly "forgive and forget."

Karma balancing
Sometimes we have problems with people because our soul has a previous history with them. For instance, you might suspect that you've known your Indigo Children in a past life, and you're probably correct. Trust your inner guidance, which will tell you in what way you were previously related to your Indigo Children (mother-daughter, father-son, husband-wife, sister-brother, and so on).
Many Indigo Children remember great details about their past lives, and they speak about them matter-of-factly, saying things such as, "Remember when I was the mother and you were the child?" This is especially true with children under the age of five. After that age, many children become more logic-based and are less aware of esoteric knowledge.
Whether you believe in past lives or not, you might agree that we carry "karma" in certain relationships. For instance, if you seem to have an ongoing pattern with a certain person, it could be a sign that there's some lesson for you both to learn within the relationship.
You and your Indigo Children can balance this karma without having to go through long, arduous, or painful lessons within the relationship by saying to your angels:
"I ask that all karma with (name of person) be balanced in all directions of time, leaving only the lessons and the love. I am now willing to release any unforgiveness toward (name of person), and exchange all pain for peace."
Sit quietly, and notice any sensations or impressions that come to you. Karma balancing is a powerful process, and most people notice their body shuddering as their cellular memories discharge stored-up energies.

Angel letters
Your children can heal an argument or misunderstanding with someone by contacting the other person's guardian angels. If your Indigo Children are old enough to write, ask them to write a letter to the other person's guardian angels. They can write the letter on paper or on a computer. Anyone can contact someone's guardian angels just by holding the intention of doing so. If your Indigos are too young to write or aren't the writing sort, have them pour their heart out, mentally or aloud, to the other person's guardian angels.
At the end of the communication (whether written, verbal, or mental), your Indigo Children should ask the guardian angels' help in creating a solution. For instance,
"I ask your help, angels, in creating peace in this situation. Please help both of us to see the Divine light and love within each other, instead of focusing on fear and darkness. Thank you, angels, for this healing."

Healing Trauma in Indigo Children
When a person endures abuse or some other trauma, the effects can be deep and long lasting. In a way, we're all trauma survivors. Who among us hasn't been hurt in some way? Yet, there are those who have experienced unimaginable hurt, such as incest, molestation, physical abuse, ritual abuse, or a sudden crime, accident, or loss.
The results of such trauma are often evinced by behavioral and psychological symptoms called posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These symptoms include depression, insomnia or oversleeping, lack of focus, recurring memories or nightmares, feeling unsafe, and difficulty trusting others. Doesn't that sound like some Indigo Child you know?
It could be true that those you know were traumatized in a way you aren't aware of. For instance, many of the girls whom I treated when I was an eating-disorder therapist had suffered trauma during their first sexual encounters. Some were "date raped," and others were manipulated into having sex before they were emotionally ready. But I also feel that life here on Earth is traumatic, period. There are harsh interactions between people, and as one Indigo Child put it, "Kids are really mean to each other."
Bessel van der Kolk, the leading expert on trauma-related PTSD, and author of Traumatic Stress, has studied all of the latest scientific research on PTSD. He says that trauma survivors feel disconnected; don't have a clear sense of the present; lack imagination, and have an inability to think of stories. Many trauma survivors become isolated, cynical, and antisocial.
Those with PTSD tend to be emotionally reactive instead of analytical. They react almost exclusively to how they feel, rather than a normal mix of emotions and analytical thought. They also have difficulty thinking their way through problems.
Brain scans on trauma survivors show that their brains behave very differently from those who haven't endured great trauma. For instance, those with PTSD are constantly scanning the horizon and every situation for potential danger. They're always on alert. This can make them seem jumpy and defensive. However, trauma survivors don't notice safe stimuli, so they might miss seeing something that could make them feel happy or safe. If the stimulus isn't dangerous, the person with PTSD doesn't process it because it isn't relevant to their focus. The "amygdala" in the brain (related to noticing stimuli) isn't activated at all in response to non-dangerous stimuli.
CAT (brain) scans of those with PTSD were compared to those of people without PTSD. A noise was presented to both individuals, and the people with PTSD showed no response to the noise in their brain's back lobe, where emotions are registered. The non-PTSD control group showed activity in this region. This indicates that the elemental body is numb in those who have PTSD symptoms.
You can help your Indigo Children reawaken their emotional bodies by asking them to take note of examples of happiness or love during the day. Give them rewards for bringing this list home each day. Or, play a game with them by noticing small details when you're both in the car. Van der Kolk says that this method of learning to notice small details is a very effective healing method for those with PTSD. Van der Kolk also found that there's a difference between reliving and resolving the past trauma. Those who remember the trauma but choose not to talk about it do better psychologically than those who don't remember, or those who talk about it. So don't worry if the Indigo Children you come in contact with don't want to discuss the nature of their past traumas.
Van der Kolk has also found that rape survivors heal rapidly by going through a process called "Outward Bound." This experience helps these individuals regain a sense of personal control over their bodies. He also recommends Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Somatic Experiencing for survivors of all types of trauma. I've personally witnessed how both of these treatments have helped people heal from the effects of painful memories.
EMDR is a therapeutic process in which the therapist leads the client in a series of eye movements that helps reduce the charge of the traumatic memory. Many studies have shown that not only does EMDR reduce the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, but it also helps the client reframe their traumatic experience so it no longer interferes with their daily functioning.
Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a body-oriented system of treating trauma that helps the client to gently discharge the frozen physical and emotional memories of the event. Very often, the mind and body become "stuck" at the worst point of the trauma, leaving the person prone to feelings of helplessness and immobility that are often triggered by reminders of the original incident. By thawing the frozen reactions, the person enjoys greater behavioral and emotional flexibility.
Angel Affirmations
Indigo Children feel that they're old souls, and you'll probably agree that this is true. They seem like they're 7 going on 37, and so on. Yet, the Indigos' external maturity may belie their inner insecurities. Many Indigos harbor deep seated fears about being abandoned if they're "bad." Sadly, many of them feel unworthy of love and will push it away when it's offered. When people emotionally beat themselves up, it can lead to addictions to cover up the inner feelings of inadequacy.
Most Indigos are hungry for positive feelings, even if they seem like tough, I-could-care-less types. I've found that the more difficult someone is to love, the more love that person needs. Indigo Children know that love is the only truly important part of life. Pam Van Slyke, a special education teacher in Arizona, told me about one example that she witnessed:
Jason's mom was having a conference with her son's teacher and principal. Jason, age nine, was getting "antsy" while sitting outside the principal's office waiting. He started getting into many things in the administration office that he shouldn't have been touching. I brought him over to a chair where he could see his mom sitting.
Aggravated, after a few seconds, Jason got up and said, "I don't need to do this. I know what's important: I love my mom, and my mom loves me!" I immediately got Goosebumps. Later, I shared the story with Jason's mom. When I was done, tears welled up in her eyes, and she said, "Did he really say that? He never tells me anything like that." So, Jason wasn't saying those words like a parrot who mindlessly recites phrases. He apparently really understood that only love matters.
Affirmations can buoy an Indigo Children's sagging self-esteem. Here are some affirmations that you and your children can recite together:
I am a holy child of God.
Since God is pure Love, so am I.
I have angels surrounding me now who love me just for who 1 am.
I can call upon my angels at any time for help, and they are there to help me.
I am unconditionally loved by God and the angels.
I have a lot to offer the world.
My angels can see my hidden talents I have the power to change the world in important ways
My mind is clear and able to focus perfectly.
I have an infallible photographic memory.
I trust my intuition.
I speak my truth with love and compassion.
I am now working on my Life Purpose, and I feel very fulfilled.
Who I am makes a big difference in this world.
Many people need and love me now.

A Message to Indigo Children
You've chosen a difficult assignment on a difficult planet, but fortunately, you have lots of help available to you. Many of us adults believe in you and what you stand for. We're counting on you to stand by your Life Purpose and not get sidetracked. Every adult needs your collective help -- whether they're aware of it or not!
You Indigo Children may be "little lightworkers," yet your Purpose is among the greatest we've experienced on this planet. Your role is essential, even if you're not sure what you're supposed to do yet. By keeping your mind and body attuned with meditation, exercise, communing with nature, and eating healthful foods, you'll be able to clearly understand the Divine guidance that will direct you on your path.
Please don't worry about any perceived deficiencies that you think you might have. If spiritual teachers waited until all their Earthly problems were solved before embarking on their Life Purpose, there wouldn't be any spiritual teachers working on Earth! Everyone has issues, problems, and annoyances to deal with. The trick is to stick to your priorities and not let life's dramas thwart you.
Our lower self -- the ego -- doesn't want us to work on our Life Purpose. The ego wants us to believe that we're inferior. It wants us to stay stuck and afraid. So it will ask you to hide your Divine light in the name of humbleness, and the ego will have you get busy with meaningless (or less meaningful) tasks, instead of working on your Life Purpose.
Please know that no matter how old you are, you're qualified and ready to help the planet! Any contribution you can make -- whether it's sending energy to a troubled person, writing a letter to the editor of a publication, boycotting companies with environmentally unsound products, or donating your allowance to your favorite cause -- is appreciated.
Please don't forget how much support you have in the spirit world, Indigo Children! Your team of helpers is waiting for your request right now. Just think the thought, and they'll go to work on your behalf immediately. You don't have to "earn" the help from God or the angels. They see past your surface personality and mistakes, and they see your God-given glory within. The angels are here to enact God's plan of peace, one person at a time. Whatever they can do to help you become more peaceful is a contribution to the entire planet.
Please do your best to resist pressures that could hurt your body or delay your Life Purpose. Ask for a second or third opinion if someone tries to label you with ADD or ADHD. Explore every possible alternative to Ritalin, and do your best to stay away from all drugs, prescription or otherwise.
Remember, we need you! If you delay your Life Purpose, the entire world will be delayed in enjoying peace and health. If life gets frustrating and it seems like others don't understand you, please talk to God or your angels. Try writing your frustrations down on a piece of paper and put the paper in the freezer -- that's an excellent method for releasing and surrendering. And many people who use the "freezer method" find that the problems really do get resolved and go away rapidly -- and in miraculous ways.
This poem made me cry when I first heard it because it reminded me of you, the precious Indigo Children. I hope that you'll take its words to heart:
My Beloved Children Break your heart no longer.
Each time you judge yourself, You break your own heart.
You stop feeding on the Love, Which is the Wellspring of your Vitality.
The time has come.
Your Time To Live, To Celebrate, and To see the goodness that you are.
You, my Children, are Divine.
You are Pure, and You are sublimely free.
You are God in disguise, and You are always perfectly safe.
Do not fight the dark, Just turn on the Light.
Let Go And Breathe into the Goodness that you Are. -- Swami Kripalvanandaji
Editor's Note: While this article is directed to Indigos and their parents, its information applies to others as well.
This article is excerpted from the book: The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children by Doreen Virtue.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Akashic Records for January 2009

Akashic Records for January 2009

a message from Akashic Records channeled by Jen Eramith MA
Tuesday, 6 January, 2009

What energies and experiences can we expect during the month of January 2009?
There is a complete shift in energy that occurs just toward the end of December. Most of you will be able to feel this; it will be palpable. The shift in energy can be though of in two ways. One is it is just like the feeling of an airplane beginning to accelerate down the runway as it prepares for a takeoff. You can think about the period of time from August or September of 2008 through the end of December 2008 as a time when the airplane is taxiing toward the runway. It was moving slowly, just navigating its way into the perfect position for takeoff.
The energy of January is the moment when you begin to hear the engine roar and everything starts to rumble and everyone gets pressed back in their seats a little bit as you pick up acceleration. January is likely to be a bumpy month with a sense of speed picking up. All of you will be very grateful for the work you have done to get yourselves in alignment over the course of the last year -- to bring yourselves into alignment with your true selves with what you feel most deeply, with where your sense of love resides and to let go of those belief systems, those paradigms, those behaviors that are out of alignment with pure love. Now that you are here in January, the time for changing your course, at least for now, is done. January has a sense of getting ready for a launch forward or upward. That is one way you can think of the energy for January.
The second way you might experience the energy of January, it literally has a big swell of divine wisdom. The years 2009 through 2012 are all part of the same period of time. In many ways, what you expect in 2012 will be true in 2009. January has this energy of God or the Divine sweeping into the room. All of you know at some level that God is always with you, that you are always divine. The divine wisdom from the angels and your higher selves and all the higher dimensions are always available for you. Each of you feels this in varied ways at different times in your life. One of the big shifts that occur in January 2009 is that this sense of God being with you, that sense of divine wisdom being inevitably available, becomes much stronger than it has ever been on Planet Earth. It is like you all have been doing so much work to prepare and now finally it will be evident to you that the universe has been partnering with you all along. This will become more evident throughout the course of the year of 2009.
January is not necessarily smooth. It is bumpy. You can expect to encounter some challenges and feel like you need to adjust yourselves in some new ways. That is okay; just take each thing as it comes. Know that you are on the right track -- otherwise you would not be accelerating as you are right now. Just as an airplane does not start to accelerate until it has perfectly aligned itself on the runway your divine selves, your higher selves, have assured that you are lined up correctly so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy the takeoff even though it is bumpy.
What can we do to best work with this energy?
It will not serve you to fall asleep. This is the kind of takeoff that requires all of you to stay awake, alert, and to keep watching for new information and to be willing to change your minds about things. Flexibility has never been more important. Any paradigm you think you believe in, any leaders you think you want to follow, be willing to change your minds. Be willing to see things anew. Everyone will be making mistakes in January. This is not an invitation to sell each other out or write each other off. It is a reminder that it is important to acknowledge what you see and always check in with your hearts for what you feel is true regardless of what you might see on the surface. It is just an important time to stay awake and alert.
Another way you can work with the energy in January is to have a plan laid out in advance to give yourselves a sense of what you want to accomplish for yourselves during the month of January. Give yourselves a daily or weekly structure in order to be sure that you stay on course or on track. Any kind of structure or schedule will serve most of you very well because some challenges will arise and if you have a structure in place, you can better absorb and integrate those challenges.
Are there any power days or days that it are important to know about in the month of January 2009?
Yes there are. January 7 is a turning point and it gives you an important opportunity to choose to turn toward the light. Whatever happens for you on January 7, consider how you can respond in a way that turns you toward the light -- whatever light looks like in your life: happiness, joy, ease, love, just a reassurance of your goodness. Any version of light will do as long as it feels right, what feels lighter for you. On January 7, choose to respond to everything that turns your face toward the sun, so to speak.
January 9 is also an important day. It seems to bring some challenges and is a portal for self love. It will not be entirely clear. It is not like the kind of self love where you feel warm and fuzzy all day long. It is more like the kind of self love where you see the challenges, the things that keep you from loving yourselves more distinctly. You have a universal gift of the energy of self love to help you resolve those things inside of you -- to help you come to a deeper level of self love than you have ever had before. Refuse to do anything that denies your divinity on January 9. Refuse to give into an idea that you know is not right for you. Refuse to succumb to pressure to do something that does not feel good. Just take good care of yourselves on this day and then you will best be using this kind of portal of self love that is available.
January 15 is important. It is like a clearing. It may be a bit like someone opens the windows and lets in the fresh air. January 15 is a good time to take a breather to give yourselves a timeout from whatever you do, whatever you are involved in. Give yourself a timeout, take a little time to yourself, and give yourself a little more rest than usual. Take a break on January 15. That includes taking a break from worrying. The things you worry about will still be there on the 16th, so for the span of the 15th, set it aside as much as you can. Give yourselves a respite from everything you are carrying; all of the challenges that are coming your way this month.
January 27 is the time when you might consider that you will have left the ground. Using the runway metaphor, by January 7 you have taken off and by January 27 you will be well on your way. You will still encounter challenges; you will still need to monitor yourselves. January 27 is a good time to stop, look out of the window and survey the territory. Take a look at how far you have come. Take a look at how well you have stepped out of the things that still hold you down, how well you have been able to step beyond the pull of gravity so to speak.
Is there anything else we need to know about January 2009?
The phrase they are giving is as much as you have prepared for this, as much as you have passed the test and prepared yourselves for these years around the year 2012, really the story has yet to be told. A full understanding of it has yet to be embraced. Be willing to let the story unfold this month. Be willing to assume that you do not know how it is going to work out and that is okay. The whole point of human life is the sense of adventure that comes when you do not know everything. Find a way to be comfortable with not knowing. Now more than ever that skill of being comfortable with ambiguity will lead you to such greater happiness than you will have if you do not get comfortable with ambiguity. Be willing to see the gray areas of life. Be willing to acknowledge there are things that you just do not understand and fill everything with grace and love. Forgive each other for mistakes. Do not push each other to the breaking point. Just assume that even if you do not understand that some day you will. In the meantime, your only job is to be graceful.
Above is the Looking Ahead version of the Message, channeled over one month in advance. Below is the Monthly Update, channeled several days before the month begins.
Can you add a little more about what the bumpiness is going to be about this month?
The word bumpy can be applied to almost every arena of life this month. Bumpiness occurs because there is a distance between your expectations and what will actually occur. We can give an example with the political and social arena in which you see the global economy is unraveling. Looking at political structures, governments, social structures like your collective economy, you are all going through a massive change and you have been going through this change for years but you were able, collectively through the acts of individuals, to stave off the appearance of the change. This change has been occurring for about a decade. Now that you are seeing the effects of that change, now that you are actually seeing it manifesting itself in undeniable terms, the bumpiness is what happens after you go through the shock of first realization.
People have been going through shock in the last several months in regard to your collective economy and the changes in political and social institutions that drive it. You have a model to describe the stages of grief and how it starts with denial and then it goes into anger. You could say collectively, you are moving out of denial in January. There has been a sense of shock and most of your individual reactions to this collective change have been somewhat based in the denial of the permanence of this change. It is not that you will permanently be in a state of crisis, but the things that have unraveled in the foundation of your economic, social and political structure will not be rebuilt in the same form they were in before. You have to write a new template for the global economy. You have to write a new template for how governments work and for the foundations upon which they built themselves and the ways they engage ideas and values.
As the fundamental nature of this global change dawns on you collectively across the world that global economic systems will not work in the ways they used to, each of you will struggle with releasing your previous expectations and hopes, turning instead to what exists in your reality now. This adjustment will be turbulent, hence our description of January as bumpy. Your approach to change can no longer be to patch things up; instead it must be a matter of really stepping forward into something new and that will be bumpy. Many mistakes will be made; many mistakes have already been made. You are moving forward. Using that metaphor of the airplane taking off, you are moving forward and upward but it is a bumpy ride because there is a profound difference between existing on the ground and existing in the air and making that journey from one to the other is bumpy.
In practical terms, you will see more systems fail and more corporations and organizations "go under." The idea of a government bail out will soon become untenable because it will be necessary in so many places over time that it will not be possible. At some point, the idea of a government stepping in and taking care of things will have to give way to the fact that some companies will dissolve, but know that new companies are rising to take their place. There is a great deal of suffering in that transition and part of what will become necessary is for all of you to find ways to support one another as you play various roles in the suffering.
On an individual level, you are all going through some bumps as well. In tangible terms, this means that many of you in January, February and March will find yourselves in situations in which the structures you rely on begin to change. Actually, they have already changed, so what you will find now is that you become aware of how they have changed. These are the things that feel as if they have always been a part of your life -- you unconsciously rely on them all of the time. These might include certain relationships with other people, the physical structure of your home, the organization of your workplace, or even your perception of time or the rules of your society. These kinds of structures are often invisible because they are always there, they often do not change fundamentally. In January these will rise to your attention. This is not to say that everything will unravel, but some of the fundamental structures of your lives will reveal how they have dissolved or reorganized. You will be required to question them and to find a new way to structure your life so that you are more empowered to be the architect of your life structures rather than a slave to them.
You will find that it will feel bumpy when the foundational structures of your lives do not look stable anymore. There really is not any kind of message here about a lot of you individually falling apart. It is more that it will turn your attention to the places that have worn thin or the elements of your lives that have fallen out of alignment for one reason or another. Be prepared to see things that feel uncomfortable to you in your personal lives. Be willing to address what is no longer working. Imagine that the flood is pressing up against your floodwall and now is the time to be occupied in making adjustments before the flood gets stronger. This will appear differently for each of you. Some of you will find it is all about relationships, others will be all about work, or family, or emotions. Really the fundamental calling is to be willing to look at what is not working and deal with it now while it is smaller than it will be later.
More than anything, the bumpiness has to do with considering your expectations and seeing them for what they are, which is your expectations rather than reality. Be willing to let go of what you expected in order to embrace what is. There are all kinds of spiritual and religious practices that will support you in doing this. Almost every religious or spiritual path gives you a template for how to release your attachments and surrender to what the grace in the path before you.
Is there anything else about the metaphor of the airplane taking off that the Keepers can unpack for us, such as how that is going to play out or what to expect?
Yes, it is the idea of going up. While there is no actual higher or lower way of being, the sense of going higher is used intentionally to reflect the fact that all of you have, collectively and individually, called yourselves to a higher level of functioning. You could also say you have been called to a higher level of accountability. A very visible example of this is if you look at the rhetoric engaged by President-elect Obama, based on the idea each person must take care of themselves and their fellow humans. This is an opposing idea to the one that in which a leader would take care of everyone by taking his or her personal power away. Instead it is the idea that everyone must take care of themselves and one another if you are all to get through the revolution you have created. We use this as an example but not to say that this particular leader is more or less spiritually in line than anyone else. In January and February you will see that some of your hopes and expectations will not be fulfilled as much as you hoped they would be. While this rhetoric is perfectly in alignment with what you are all being called to do, the actions taken by your leaders will need to be questioned now more than ever, for the only path toward an enlightened future for humanity requires that you are all called to be accountable for your thoughts, your words, and your actions.
Step into a higher level of accountability for what is happening in your lives and for what is yours to take care of. This is in regard to your personal lives and also to what you see happening around you. All of you are being called to pay attention to your neighbors, your loved ones, and to strangers that cross your path. Take accountability for the invitation that presents itself. Some of you are being invited to provide financial support or help to one another. For some of you, the real struggle is learning to be able to ask for help from others. Giving and receiving among individuals will become more and more necessary and it will become more and more evident to all of you that your individual choices to both give and receive all kinds of resources in your daily lives is the fundamental fabric that holds society together.
It is not a government; it is not a particular leader that will move you upward. This is a higher level of accountability for everyone. We say higher because it requires a bigger part of you. It requires a broader scope of attention, a stronger sense of self in that ability to step away from blame or imagining that you do not have the power to change your life. Instead it requires a stronger faith in yourselves and a stronger faith in your fellow human beings. It is a step up from where you have been. For a lot of you, you have already been here on this step; even for those of you who feel like you have already got this, there is a higher step for you as well. Literally everyone on the planet is being called to step up in regard to accountability and to take good care of what presents itself in your individual lives. That is the other part they would unpack. That idea of going up is a very important part of the metaphor.
January is often thought of as a time of change, a time of resolution. Is there a way to use this shifting, takeoff energy to create changes individually that we all want in our personal lives?
The answer begins with what looks like a contradiction to some of what has come through, but it is not. (It looks like a contradiction to Jen but the Keepers are pointing out that Jen's perspective is limited!) They are saying that the best way to engage resolutions or renewal at this time is to look back. In other words, the only way to set for yourself individually, what to hold onto, what to change and what to move toward is to look back at what you have done so far.
Particularly since May of last year, every single one of has gone through a fundamental change. All of you have had challenges that are unique but are shared in a cycle that so many people have shared, but it is so distinct that all of you had particular changes in the last seven to eight months and all of you have come out of that period fundamentally different from what you were last April. The most important thing you can do in regard to creating resolution for yourselves is to not base your resolutions or your commitments for the coming year on any kind of generalized or habitual sense of what is good or not good. Everyone wants to quit eating so much or quit drinking caffeine or all those kinds of things that are generally stated to be good or bad. Do not rely on those every day assumptions about what you should be leaning toward.
Instead, look at your personal life and ask yourself, "What was my greatest challenge between May and November of last year?" "What did I learn?" "What is a new perspectiv I have now that I did not have back then?" "How can I make a commitment that will help me embrace this or challenges this further or utilizes my new perspective as a tool to move forward?" Let it be so personal, maybe so personal you cannot even fully articulate it but you feel it inside. The best way to make resolutions at this point is to make it as true to your own challenge as possible because this shared cycle is happening for a reason. All of you have entered a collective time of change together for a reason. It is because each of you will do your part that the collective will be taken care of. While this is always true -- at some level everyone kind of knows that -- but it has never been more evident and it has never been more executable where literally, if you take care of what is happening for you, of what your true challenge is, everything else will be taken care of. The best way to set your resolutions this year is to look back on your own personal life and set them based on your personal challenges and growth so far.
A lot of us are really excited about the inauguration of a new president in the U.S. Is there anything significant the Keepers have to say regarding this event?
There is a lot to say about this. In fact, there is so much to say that there will be a Live Channeling the day before. (For more information and to register for this event, please visit )
At this time we can say that it will not be what you expect. It will be both bigger and better than you expect, and smaller and more disappointing than you expect at the same time. This will be true of the next seven years in U.S. politics and government. We are talking to each of you, recognizing that each of you have different expectations. Some of you are very unhappy about the outcome of the election and some of you are overjoyed about the outcome of the election. It does not matter. Whatever your expectations and opinions are, this is both going to surpass them and fail them altogether. There are potentials for particular things to occur. Protests, even assassination attempts, are being plotted. Right now, at the beginning of January, the potential is not that any kind of radical event will occur in the course of the inauguration, but those potentials do exist and a lot of you are tapping into the sense and feeling of those potentials. There are assassination plots being pulled together at this very moment, but that is true across the world for many leaders all of the time. Very rarely do they come to pass, but the possibility is there.
The event itself will be, in one way or another, a demonstration of your collective power. This will come just through the overwhelming attendance and the symbolic act of many people standing together. It may also come through an action that all of you take based on what might happen. There will be more information as we get closer, because of course, what is kind of vague potential right now becomes more clearly probable or improbable as we get closer to the time.
The best way to work with the event on a personal and spiritual level is to spend some time personally reflecting on what you hope for in the new cycle of the U.S. government. This is true for anyone across the world not just U.S. citizens. Consider what you hope for, what you are afraid of and what role you hope to play on a personal level in the world as it moves forward. Essentially, the strongest line of energy emerging from the new presidential regime in the U.S. is the line through which, just as you ask your leaders what will they do for the world, you then must ask yourself what you will do for the world in response.
Without requiring of yourself what you require of your leaders, you disable the true power of democracy. Energetically a government cannot lead people who are not leading their lives. It is more necessary than ever that each of you acknowledge what you hope for and expect of that event and the new presidency. Then before the inauguration happens, be sure to ask yourself what you expect of yourself. What role you wish to play in the world. The phrase from Gandhi, "Be the change you wish to see in the world," is a perfect phrase with which to guide your self-reflection through the month of January in regard to world events. Make a commitment, just as you are asking your leaders to make a commitment to the world and to you, make a commitment to the world and to yourself about the role you will be playing.
Fragmentation is no longer the order of the day. You can no longer only exist or imagine that you only affect a single section of life. All of you are connected globally; you are global citizens in absolutely every way. It is going to be more evident than ever; you are going to feel this in your everyday lives more than ever. If you will act accordingly, you will see all of humanity continue to emerge from suffering.
Is there anything else the Keepers want to say about the month of January before we close?
First, "Stay the course." More accurately, it would be, "Keep your eye on the ball." If you are playing a sport like basketball or soccer, often people will say, "Keep your eye on the ball" because that is where the action is that matters. It can be easy to get distracted by other players, something in the audience, or something in the weather or whatever else might be happening on the field. If you do not keep your eye on the ball, you lose your ability to stay in the game and create the effects you want. It is like taking your hands off of the steering wheel. The reason the Keepers are giving you this advice, and you felt like asking about setting resolutions and setting your course, is that it would be easy to get distracted by drama or certain little challenges that come up in your life.
Consider the metaphor of the airplane taking off and how a pilot cannot be distracted by turbulence. The pilot must remember the core of what is happening, is flying the plane and only that which affects the safety of the plane should draw the pilot's attention. For you, stay the course or keep your eye on what matters most to you. Avoid being distracted by drama. Because it will be bumpy, because you will have things that come along that do not you're your expectation, you feel like things are falling apart but they really are not. You will find later this year in May, after you have reached your altitude and you are settling in for your snack, that everything really was fine. Do not panic here. Keep your eye on the ball; keep your eye on your priorities, your own personal commitments and what matters most to you. You are going to find that you will ride through those bumps safely. After what you have been through in the last year, the challenges that come up now are completely manageable if you will avoid overdramatizing or panicking. They are all things that you will be able to meet collectively and individually.
There is something worth mentioning. There is a strong potential for there to be further violence in the world executed by humans, such as terror attacks. This gets stronger in February, but in January you may see this increasing. Again, be sure to stay the course. Be sure to remember that you are headed in the right direction as a global community and for every horrifying, disheartening event that occurs there are a thousand really heartening and forward thinking events that are collectively available for you to see that show you that you are moving forward together, that you are improving together. Be sure to keep your eye on the ball. The ball is actually moving forward and upward and you are all doing beautifully despite the challenges. It seems important to mention the potential for those things so that if and when they arise you can see them with some of this perspective that we are offering now. You will help ground everyone else and prevent people from panicking more than they might without you there. Actively choose this month to "be the change you wish to see in the world."



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“Am I part of this plan and process?” you may wonder. “And how would I know?”
Disregarding the recession here in the US or elsewhere as a cause:
Have you felt in recent years and months, that you were stretching far beyond what you had the capacity to endure?
Have you had many emotional ups and downs, strange physical aches and pains, many losses in the form of friends, jobs, family, finances, and much of anything else?
Have you experienced dizziness and vertigo, neck and back pain, an intolerance for lower vibrating energy, and abdominal weight gain and bloating?
Do you wonder who you are looking at in the mirror? Had a loss of identity?
Have you been “removed” from your usual means of employment and cannot seem to find another job, even though you never had this problem in the past?
Have you recently moved to a new geographical location?
Do you experience short periods when you are very cold and cannot seem to get warm?
Have you had hot flashes and night sweats not relating to menopause (even if you are a male?)
Do you feel you have been pushed out of your groove by lower vibrating people?
When you go out in public or to an event, do you feel as though you are “acting?”
Is it hard to remember and identify with the childhood version of you?
Have you had a serious medical situation in recent years that left you feeling helpless and powerless?
Do you crave the company of children and when in their presence suddenly feel that everything is now “right” and you can relax as you are home?
Have you had periods where you wake up at exactly the same time every night?
Have you had anxiety, panic, or what feels like depression?
Do you at times have strange and disturbing nightmares that are not normal for you?
Have you ever had experiences of forgetting what you were going to say and finding it near impossible to “find” the words you were meaning to speak?
Have you had periods of time when you continually saw repeating numbers, whether on digital clocks, license plates, or other arenas?
Do you continually mis-spell words or superimpose sentences and spelling when you attempt to write something, even though you may have been a master at grammar and spelling for most of your life?
Have you had times in your life where you felt “no sense of place?”
Do you continually have short-term memory loss and at times cannot remember things that occurred only yesterday or even a moment before?
Have you experienced periods of what felt like low blood sugar forcing you to eat every two hours whether you wanted to or not?
Are your emotions out of control from time to time (sudden weeping and sadness, or are you just plain over-emotional)? Do you ever feel lost and alone?
Do you at times feel that there is nowhere left to go that remotely fits you anymore?
Have you found that the only way to stay sane is to be home in your own personal sanctuary?
Do you have a strong sense that you are here to accomplish something, but you cannot remember what it is? Do you “miss” something, but are not sure exactly what?
Do you feel ungrounded and spinning out of control at times but not at other times?
Do you wonder why things seem to be getting worse instead of better?
Has it become difficult to be in crowds, large stores, and the like?Have you seen lights, heard voices, had ringing or buzzing in the ears, or felt unusual energy pulsing through your body? Do you have bouts of allergy symptoms or sinus problems and headaches? Have you ever felt energy pouring through the top of your head?
Have you quit reading spiritual and personal growth material?
Is it increasingly difficult to spend substantial amounts of time around individuals who seem dis-connected, “ego” driven, or who embody many “issues”? Do you just want to flee?
Do you wonder where in the world you have landed, feel that you do not belong here, and want to go “home”?
If you have experienced a fair amount of the above, you are most likely having or have had in the past, the most common of the ascension symptoms and experiences. There are far too many to list here, and far too many of us have had these strange and common occurrences to warrant them as an accident or perhaps some kind of bizarre virus. These symptoms and experiences are a direct result of our spiritual expansion process, as we begin to vibrate higher and begin to embody more light than ever before. (A brief note: It is always best to seek medical attention when necessary, as certainly not all of our strange symptoms can be attributed to the ascension process.)
As we evolve higher and higher in our spiritual evolutionary process, the experiences above begin to lessen to a great degree. Making necessary internal changes through much purging and releasing of old and lower vibrating energies, and aligning ourselves with new and higher vibrating energies, ensures an arrival into a new and higher way of living and being. And eventually, we come to find that we do not experience much of the above at all. It is then that we know we are ready for our next level.
The end of 2008 marked a very pivotal point in the ascension process. Up until that time, we evolved in small and continual steps, although at times it did not feel like it! In this way, we completed one chapter of a new book, or rather released much our old lives and old selves, and always moved into another chapter. The end of 2008 marked the completion of an entire book…not just a chapter. This was a monumental time in our spiritual evolutionary process. Enough of the masses had reached a point of critical mass, were then embodying or residing in the space that those who had gone first had been holding, and it was then time for an entirely new book or dimensional residency to occur.
This new book was most certainly new for each and every rung on the ascension ladder…meaning that everyone moved up into a higher level according to where they had been residing before. The ascension process involves many periods of “waiting” for the masses to catch up until we can ourselves progress onto another rung. So then, you may be one who has progressed far and was very tired of waiting! When we are waiting, it can feel that we are trapped, boxed in, or perhaps surrounded by darker and denser energies knocking on our door. But with the advent of the end of 2008, the waiting is now over. Those who had gone before had been waiting for a very long time indeed!
Where are they now? Where have those who had been holding the space for the masses gone? We have gone to a very new space and new reality of becoming Earth Angels. We have stretched, moaned and groaned, complained, and become weary of it all until the very end…and the very end of this massive first phase has brought us to a new beginning which is now here.
Our New Symptoms and How We have Evolved
Have you lost your desire to be a healer?
Have you felt in recent months that the energy you used to embody is no longer there?
Do you wonder what you are now supposed to connect to and wonder how to connect as well?
Do you suddenly feel that your life is “here” and not back “home” somewhere?
Have you given up any desires to save anyone or anything and only simply desire to stay put without extending?
Have you given up belonging to groups and continually discussing spiritual matters?
Have you discontinued meditating, “clearing,” and intentional actions involving creating, moving energy, or consulting divination sources?
Have you lost the desire to bring up the energy of the planet, heal it, or the like?
Do you no longer have the urge to make anything happen by yourself?
Are you tired of being alone when it never bothered you before, and now crave the companionship of another or others?
Is your own personal energy more “subtle” than it used to be?
Do you often feel invisible when you go out in public?
Are your needs frequently met with ease, with no real effort on your part? Or rather, are you rarely lacking anything?
Have you begun setting strong boundaries and find that you are not as “open” to everything and everyone as you used to be?
Have you grown to appreciate the small things and find that you are not so interested in material possessions, getting what you want, or having to have things a certain way?
Have you come to realize that everything is not about you, that the behavior of others has nothing to do with you, and thus, you no longer take things personally?
Do you put yourself first in regard to your health and happiness?
Are you now comfortable refusing to participate in things that feel very “wrong” to you?
Is it easy for you to close the door on others, knowing that you need not be “nice” and accommodating when interacting with them was not your idea in the first place?
Do you feel a peace and tranquility that you had rarely experienced in the past, and do you now feel safe and protected?
Are you ready to retire?
Do you notice much more of what is around you, instead of what is going on within you?
Do you easily and clearly see others and what they are here to contribute? Do you acknowledge them and connect to them easily when appropriate?
Are you aware of the whole, can you interact in groups without taking over or discounting the contribution and gifts of others, and can you allow others to become involved without having a “don't tell me what to do” or controlling attitude?
Have you come to realize than nothing needs to be “fixed” and never did? Have you dis-continued offering your services when you were not even asked (and this includes being asked by nature and the planet herself as well)?
Do you find the answers within yourself now, rarely consulting any outside sources?
Do you know that you are not perfect and never will be?
Do you possess a great gift or ability, are frequently told about this by others, but have no idea what they are talking about?
Are you comfortable watching another suffer, knowing that this is their path and that it has a higher purpose?
Are you able to make decisions from your gut, your intuition, or rather what simply “feels” right without any rational explanation?
Do you know what is yours to do, and realize that much everything else is someone else's passion or purpose, there-by staying in your own role and not taking over someone else's?
Have you found that you spend more of your time and focus simply on one of your passions or talents, and not on a variety of interests as you may have done in the past?
If you can relate any of the above, you are most certainly on your way to becoming an Earth Angel. But know as well, that these transitions come to us step by step. This is what evolution is all about. So then, you may be experiencing some of the above, but not all. In time, you will eventually experience most all of the above, and then find that you need to “wait” for others to catch up, as we are all part of one beloved whole. In addition, we will begin having exciting and new experiences as well! If you are one who has not felt a big connection to Source or a higher vibration in ways that you had in the past, know that there is a good explanation. We have reached a place in our spiritual evolutionary process where we are embodying enough light now within ourselves. We have graduated. Thus, we are now ready to connect to each other. We are holding a very new space of light, through a grid-work of brothers and sisters, and our new connections are with our own souls and with each other now.

Welcome Earth Angels, to the next phase of our journey home….