Thursday, December 31, 2009


In 2010 I want to be healthy, peaceful, happy, joyful, calmer, wiser, lighter (both emotionally and physically) more creative, active, patient, understanding, loving, compassionate, spiritual, sensitive and knowledgeable. I want to always focus on the present moment without thinking about yesterday nor worrying about tomorrow. I want to speak less and listen more. I want to eat more organic food and become a better cook to be able to prepare yummy food for Ela so that we don't have any eating issues. I will never force Ela to eat more than she wants and I will never compare her with other children. I will try not to push her into things I once wanted to do as a child if she doesn't like it like ballet, tennis, piano classes, etc. I wish to be an objective parent. I want to be more patient and understanding with my parents (esp. when staying with me). I won't say things I don't mean (just to be nice) but at the same time I want to be less direct with people who get hurt easily (e.g. mother-in-law) and stay silent instead. I want to discover new tastes and I want to travel to Istanbul more often. I want to always remind myself that I don't "possess" Ela but that I'm just here to guide, guard, support, help, teach, advise and raise her. I want to be less judgmental and more patient with Alper and always remember that everybody carries his own piece of truth and there's no right or wrong. I want to smile to at least one stranger every day. I want to be bothered less by people smoking on the street or in cafes next to me. I want to be surrounded by people with higher vibrating energies. I want to say THANK YOU more often. I want to see the simple beauties in my life and show gratitude for the shining sun, the blue sky, the pouring rain, the beautiful trees and flowers. I want to develop my knowledge on Quantum Thinking and apply it more, I want to practise Reiki more often and learn more about alternative healing techniques and spirituality in general. I want to continue to practise Pilates and start to practise Yoga again. I want to find my main purpose in life and why I am here in this lifetime. Amen.


  1. I love your "prayer" for the New Year. Janset, you are a wonderful woman :))).
    Love from Eva

  2. Happy New Year. I love your "Prayer". Janset, you are a wonderful woman. Love from Eva

  3. Thx Eva...aren't we all just so wonderful ;))) ...umarme dich und Leyla ganz ganz dick!!!!