Tuesday, December 29, 2009


For the last 2-3 weeks I had the feeling that Ela was quite ready for solid food and this Sunday I finally decided that it was time! I started with pears at breakfast and on Friday I'll move the pear to lunch and give carrots at breakfast. She loved the new taste and seemed to be quite happy to get something other than breastmilk. I wasn't sure at first what to start with since there're some views that say it's better to start with veggies since fruits contain sugar and babies get used to the sweet taste and refuse to eat veggies later but then I read a nice article that supported the opposite idea...here's the relevant paragraph:

I've heard that it's better to start vegetables before fruits. Is this true?

Purists recommend that vegetables be introduced before fruits so that infants don't learn to expect that food should always taste sweet. This is one of those nutritional directives that sound great in theory, but many of us who have fed lots of babies have found it hard to put into practice. First of all, babies are born with a sweet tooth. Their tiny tongues are more richly supplied with sweet tastebuds than with any others. This makes sense, because human milk is sweet, and breastfed babies are less likely to willingly accept the bland taste of vegetables than formula-fed babies. While there is no doubt that vegetables are nutritionally superior to fruits, most parents find that babies will happily eat fruits, making them hassle-free first foods. The nutritional content of starter foods is of secondary importance; the main goal of these early solid food feedings is for the baby to learn how to swallow foods of different textures. You're likely to have more success with fruits than with vegetables. When introducing veggies, try the sweet ones first: carrots and sweet potatoes. If you have a baby who loves vegetables, good for you! Don't worry if your baby attacks veggies with less enthusiasm than fruit. He'll eventually learn to like them if you keep offering them.


I cooked the pears a bit before feeding her to prevent diarrhea and since her stool became a bit watery after a few hours I was glad I did that...due to teething Ela had less frequent bowel movements lately but since Sunday she started to poop very frequent and easy again ;))) (I still find it funny to be so happy about poops and wees and gas releases!)

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