Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another Baby???

While I was pregnant and during the first few weeks after Ela was born I was so sure that I wanted to have this amazing experience again ASAP...I would have tried immediately if I could...Alper was not very positive concerning a second child but I knew that when the time came and I insisted he would give in and change his mind. Then I stopped thinking about it.

Today I'm not so sure anymore...

Do I really want another baby? Right when Ela is going to be more independent and I could finally focus on myself I actually want to start over? Going back to sleeping rituals, feeding issues, changing nappies...???

It sounds quite selfish when I read this...but being selfish isn't actually the worst thing in the fact, I think that being selfish is essential if you want to be happy. And, of course, make others happy.

Was I subconsciously affected by all these myths about single children? Actually, I don't think so...I don't believe that one has to have siblings in order to become a healthy, social, loving, sensitive and respectful person. In fact, many of my friends were single children and all of them are very nice people =)

Ironically, Alper started to bring this topic up lately...

So..if I had to decide today I probably would say No....but who knows how I will feel tomorrow...

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