Sunday, January 31, 2010

Avatar & Thoughts about Smoking

I really fell in love with the movie Avatar I have to say...I loved everything about the Na'vi..their language, their world, their values, their greeting styles, their beautiful appearance, and so much more...the movie also got a lot of support from the spiritual world (eg. ) and created a big discussion on whether humanity is actually ready for contact with other 'worlds.'
But the movie created another not-so-positive discussion on of the main characters played by Sigourney Weaver is constantly smoking throughout the entire movie and although I have to admit that it didn't really disturb me while watching I agree that this feature could've been left out and nothing would have changed. Being quite an anti-smoker myself I would like to have a totally smoke-free environment and I also agree with the critics saying it could be harmful for kids watching the movie. Director James Cameron tried to defend himself, saying smoking was still part of today's reality and movies would reflect the real world rather than trying to give certain messages...ok, smoking is unfortunately still part of today's every day live but come on, do you really believe that while even today smoking is almost banned from all closed areas, a scientist will be able to smoke at her workplace in 200 years from now? How realistic is that??????

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