Sunday, January 31, 2010


This morning I gave Ela chicken for the first time, mixed with carrots and potatoes and served blended and pureed. She didn't like it. After the third spoon she locked her mouth. No other signs of protest. Just a sealed mouth. Even when I made her laugh she managed to laugh w/o opening it. I didn't insist too much. 15 min. later I added just a little bit of applesauce and tried again. This time I couldn't even make it to the second spoon. Ok..she definitely didn't like it.

Tomorrow I'll try again but if I get the same reaction I will try another variation.

I was thinking about her general development today...physical, emotional, mental...from what I've been reading so far she's pretty much "normal" (I so dislike this word...who exactly decides what's normal??? And besides, isn't it commonly accepted that every child is different?)

She can:

put things from one hand to the other,
use a sippy cup,
grab for toys,
roll over and crawl in circles and backwards (she thinks she's crawling forward and wonders why she can't ever reach the toy in front of her :),
technically sit w/o support but since she can't stand still for two seconds she either falls to the sides or right on her face if I'm not around,
babble all the time (da-da-da, thisssss, ma-ma-ma, galllll...),
understand that she's doing wrong when I say "Nein" in a loud and strict way (she stops whatever she's doing and looks in the opposite direction as if she doesn't know what I'm talking about...usually it's about putting into her mouth that doesn't belong there),
follow pictures and listen to me when I'm reading to her,
accompany me when I'm singing to her by making all kinds of different sounds
and last but not least, she can bite!
She has 4 teeth now and I was kind of expecting a little bite these days but instead of biting me or Alper I was quite shocked to see today that she had bitten herself in her arm! (Like we used to do when we were kids to make a "watch" on our arm..) She did that three times today and I really have no idea how to prevent it!?!?

Here's else I thought about today;

Things I like about Ela:

- her smell
- her smile and the way she laughs
- that she wakes up with a positive energy and greets me with a huge smile every morning
- that she's quite social and hasn't developed a great anxiety towards strangers
- that she's not touchy and doesn't cry unless she's in pain or very very angry
- that she never gave me sleepless nights
- that she allows me to take care of the housework and accepts to sit in her pram or bouncing chair and watch me (I wonder how I'll handle it when she starts to crawl or even walk...)
- that she likes the massage & bath ritual
- that she likes to listen to all kinds of music

Things that are not so nice:

- that she likes to scream when she's happy, esp. when we're out (before I had a child I was quite annoyed by kids that were screaming in cafes or restaurants...) I hope she eventually stops doing that!
- that she still doesn't sleep through the night (still insists on being fed twice and refuses to go back to sleep unless having emptied both breasts)
- that she gets bored by every toy after only 5 min.

And the last thing I want to write about today are her favorite words she likes to hear from me:

- Elacik (meaning 'little Ela' in Turkish...she probably thinks that's her name :)
- Thank You
- Ich liebe Dich / I love You
- Suesse Ela!
- Komm her (when I'm about to take her in my arms)
- Guten Morgen!

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