Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So far so good...

Today is our eleventh day of solid feeding and it has been going relatively far I've given Ela pears and carrots of which she seems to prefer the pears (probably because they're sweeter) but she didn't reject the carrots either. She's probably not eating more than one full teaspoon but since my main goal at the moment is to introduce these new tastes rather than a proper feed I guess that's ok. Tomorrow I'm planning to add bananas but first I have to pump some milk to make it easier for her to eat...but this whole pumping thing is still making me nervous since last time I tried for an hour and almost nothing came out :(( ...actually pumping has been kind of a problem since day one...I'm glad I never really needed it.

The solid food also improved Ela's bowel movements...whereas before she used to poop every 2 days or so now she does it 2-3 times or sometimes even 4 every day...I try not to praise her while eating so that she doesn't think she eats to please mummy (because when she doesn't want to please me anymore she won't eat..) and I don't turn eating time into playing time. It's not easy since the 'Bravos' and 'Well dones" come out automatically so I basically bite my tongue and keep silent and only make sounds like hmmm and ahhh ;)))

BTW, I've always been very careful with what I ate just in case Ela might be affected and indeed we didn't have any gas or sleeping might, of course, be a coincidence since I know that many experts claim that the mother's diet doesn't have any effect on the baby...but last Sunday Ela woke up during the night for the first time since she was born and couldn't sleep for almost an hour...then I remembered that I had had three cups of coffee (2 of them decaf) on Sunday and also more dark chocolate than I cut the coffee to max. 1 cup a day and she's sleeping through again :)))

Her morning wake-ups are around 07:15-07:30, then she sleeps again at around 10:30, 13:30 and 15:30...our new massage&bath time is 18:45 and by 19:30 she's usually asleep. She still wants to be fed though during the night...I thought after the sixth month she'd be sleeping through w/o needing any feeds but that hasn't happened yet unfortunately...of course it's not the end of the world, she's very fast with the feeding and I can go back to sleep immediately (which I never could before!) I can't really complain. But it would still be nice to have a nonstop 8-hour-sleep =)

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