Saturday, January 23, 2010

To Ela...

My little baby,

as of today we have spent 38 weeks in one body and 7 full months as mother & child's been an amazing experience so far and I can't even imagine how much better it's actually going to get.
I can't help but wondering why you chose me as your mom...I hope you can tell me one day.
I started to love you the day I found out about you and my love has been growing ever since...every time I look at you I'm fascinated...still finding it hard to believe sometimes that you're actually "mine."
Mein Engelchen, you've already taught me so much...about patience, respect, compassion, sensitivity, sharing, living the present moment, etc...and my aim is to teach you to be good, kind, thoughtful, honest, loving, understanding, respectful, confident and so much more...
When you're old enough to read and understand this, I hope you will look back and say; "I'm glad I chose you."
And please forgive me, in advance, for my mistakes, wrong decisions and unneccesary comments...keep in mind that I tried to do my best and if that wasn't enough you probably have to lower your expectations =)
I promise to protect you, to love you, to feed you, to guide you, to support you, to help you no matter where or when...
I wish you a beautiful life full with happiness, light, love, spirit, laughter, joy, health and miracles.
I love you.


  1. Your letter to Ela made me cry a little. Thanks for sharing.
    Love from Eva

  2. You're a beautiful soul Eva...I love you...and little Leyla =)