Sunday, February 28, 2010

Crawling attempts...

Ela's been trying very hard to develop her crawling skills but so far she wasn't able to move forward more than a few millimeters....I tried to help her; put toys in front of her to encourage the movement and also showed her how to do it...w/o great success..then I read a short post yesterday in a mom was recommending to put that she REALLY wants and normally can't have in front of a cell phone for example...this morning I tried and it worked immediately...she was so eager to get the phone that she didn't give up no matter what!
As can be seen in the video she's not really crawling yet but rather pushing and throwing herself forward..but I think she'll soon figure it out =)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Night wakings...

2 weeks ago I finally stopped the night feedings and was hoping that Ela would also start to sleep through the far she has improved from 2-3 wake-ups to 1-2 from 11pm to 7pm...and she also accepted (more or less) that I don't feed her anymore between 11 and 5 (sometimes resisting though)...but for the last few days I realized that I was starting to get impatient and worried about these wake-ups...I had probably read too much about sleeping strategies and methods and my expectations were just too high...I actually had decided a long time ago that expecting certain things just causes frustration and stress...but it's not easy to not expect this and that...I felt better when I read this:

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Pleasure Path...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ela's Teething Symptoms

This morning Ela's fifth tooth popped out...
Here's a list of all symptoms she has shown before and while teething.

  • red cheeks
  • constipation
  • drooling (only before 1st teeth)
  • desire to bite on fingers, teething rings or anything she can put into her mouth
  • runny nose
  • more frequent wake-ups during the nite

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Turning Children into Race Horses...

Last nite Ela had a runny nose and tho I assumed it's a sign of teething I went to the pharmacy early in the morning to get in case she gets the counter there was a woman next to me asking the pharmacist if they had that would "give her daughter extra energy, but not vitamins, stronger, that makes her brain work better(!) so that she could get better grades and be more successful at school..."
She was basically asking for some kind of doping...
Of course, the pharmacist said they didn't have such a thing and that it wasn't necessary if she was eating healthy.
This actually reflects the current situation in Turkey...children are like race horses...esp. after the age of 9-10 they start to prepare for exams and don't stop till they manage to enter a university. Parents are concerned about their kids' success and try to do everything to make them succeed at school and in the exams. Sadly, these kids can't live a healthy and joyful childhood and miss on most of the fun things they could and probably should do at this age.
My 13-year-old niece, for instance, would love to take guitar lessons and play basketball...but her parents believe it would affect her grades and therefore don't let her. She goes to school full day and then to "Etud" where she basically does her homework..then at weekends she goes to a "Dersane" where she prepares for the SBS exam to get into a good high school (this Dersane is a serious problem, the current government promised to change the system and close them down but it's just too big a sector with too powerful people in charge). Sometimes she wakes up at 4 o'clock in the morning to prepare for the age of 13!
It's really hard for me to understand this-I don't know..maybe because I had the chance to go to school in Germany where everything is totally different and not exam-oriented I can't consider this to be normal.
These kids will look back at their childhood years and all they remember is going to be study-study-study...
It's also sad to see that the only thing the parents of these kids want is success.
Another thing I really can't relate to is that parents tend to do their children's homeworks. Esp. if there's some kind of project to prepare it turns into a family matter where even grandparents and uncles get involved!
Sometimes I wish Ela could go to school in Germany till university...
But since that's not an option I will try to provide her with the least stressfull educational environment possible.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Herseyin organik olmasina gerek yokmus...(not everything needs to be organic...see link)

Eski bir yazi yeniden...isin icine bebek girince daha bi onem kazandi bu organik olayi...Izmir'de organik urun bulmak sorun oldugu icin hatirlamak iyi oldu...
Kar amaci gutmeyen Amerika'li 'The Environmental Working Group'un cikardigi Shoppers' Guide to Pesticides in Produce'ta yayinladigi ve yaklasik 43,000 test sonucuna dayanan son calismasina gore 43 farkli meyve ve sebze grubundan 12'si organik olarak yetismese de guvenle tuketilebilir.


- Brokoli
- Patlican
- Lahana
- Muz
- Kivi

- Kuskonmaz
- Bezelye (donmus)
- Mango
- Ananas

- Misir
- Avokado
- Sogan

Afiyet olsun!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This was recorded this morning...before our third trial of chicken & veggies with applesauce...and this time it worked! Yesterday she also finished almost the whole thing I had prepared for her...I really don't want to become a mom who's constantly worried about adequate food intake but it's also not easy to be totally careless to be honest..I'm not giving Ela any iron supplements since I'm not a big fan of supplements in general so I'd like to make sure that she gets iron in a natural way.

BTW, earlier today it was hailing like I had never seen it before in Izmir! Woww....I really like this dark and rainy weather...esp. when I'm at home =)