Sunday, February 28, 2010

Crawling attempts...

Ela's been trying very hard to develop her crawling skills but so far she wasn't able to move forward more than a few millimeters....I tried to help her; put toys in front of her to encourage the movement and also showed her how to do it...w/o great success..then I read a short post yesterday in a mom was recommending to put that she REALLY wants and normally can't have in front of a cell phone for example...this morning I tried and it worked immediately...she was so eager to get the phone that she didn't give up no matter what!
As can be seen in the video she's not really crawling yet but rather pushing and throwing herself forward..but I think she'll soon figure it out =)


  1. Wow, Ela is already on the move. It is amazing how fast the babies develop.
    Love to you and Ela.

  2. I know!! Isn't it amazing...btw, I'm so excited that Ela will meet Leyla soon ;))) and Janset will meet Eva ;)))

  3. Well done Ela! Whatever way she finds /develops to move which works for her is good! ;-)