Sunday, March 28, 2010


Saturday, March 27, 2010

9-month-old Ela

A little update on little Ela...her crawling skills are improving as can be seen in the video, she's eating almost everything now incl. meat, fish, all kinds of veggies and fruits, she weighs 9.4 kilos and is 71 cm long, she's sleeping much better and usually wakes up only 1-2 times during the night (compared to 3-4 before), her separation anxiety has decreased a bit and she's also better with strangers again, she understands simple instructions, she falls asleep on her own now in the evenings, it's getting harder to keep her busy while doing things like cleaning, cooking or taking shower, her iron levels are normal according to the blood test they did at a 'saglik ocagi' (village clinic) on Fri and I'm glad I followed my instinct and the pediatrician's advice not to give any iron supplements ( )

Talking about pediatricians, I find it very interesting that almost every doctor here has a different opinion about the same subject; one says give your baby everything you eat right away, another recommends ready-made food, one claims that breastmilk isn't enough after intro of solids and says you should supplement with formula, bla bla bla..........very confusing!

Actually I like Ela's current doc because he's very relaxed, never gives medicine unless it's really necessary, doesn't push us to visit him every month, always listens when I call to ask about and explains everything in detail and he's old and very experienced. Some of the things he said I disagree (like giving water right from the beginning or giving her honey as soon as I introduced solids) but those are just little things and nobody's perfect, right???

For the last few days I've been having the urge to do for myself...and I'm very happy that I'll be able to start running once a week with a friend at the fair every Wed morning! It's not a big deal but it's a good start for me to feel a bit independent again! I'm also looking forward to our first trip to Istanbul in May where I will throw Ela into my parents' arms and have some fun in my hometown.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Raising Bilingual Children: Fact or Fiction

I'm quite curious how this bilingualism is gonna work out...for another few months I'll be walking in the dark...but Ela's already starting to grab a few things..she understands simple instructions like "Komm her"..."Dreh dich um..." and of course "NEIN" ;))
I feel more comfortable now to speak German with her even when people are around that don't understand us (esp. family).
The only thing I couldn't decide on his how to call Alper...should he be Papa, Papi, daddy, Baba, Alper??? And since I can't decide I use all of them :D

Friday, March 12, 2010

Hard to resist comparing...

One of the things I promised to myself was to never compare Ela with other kids, esp. when she's old enough to understand...but yesterday we went to her first real playgroup event and I caught myself comparing her to a cute 10-month-old girl who was already able to walk(!)...and another 7-month-old who could take little steps if you held her hands and led her...Ela hasn't shown any attempts to even stand up yet but I realized that I wasn't actually motivating her in any way...
I immediately tried to organize my mixed feelings re. this silly comparison and decided to see it as a sign that I actually should start to help Ela to strengthen her legs and do some little practice every day.
Another thing I thought of yesterday was the variety of approaches moms follow while raising their little ones. There are those who like to follow strict routines and want their babies to learn to be independent as early as possible, others who decide to let their not-sleeping babies cry out, again others who prefer attachment parenting, and lots of other preferences, lots of other different ways, approaches, styles...I read many blogs of moms who follow one style or the other...and it was interesting to see that most of them were kind of trying to prove that their system was the best...banning all other views and approaches.
The last 9 months have actually taught me that every baby is so different that you could probably write a separate book with a separate approach for every single one in the world. I believe that the motherly instinct is the only authority that can tell what's right or wrong for the child. Therefore, the most 'correct' approach seems to be the one which makes the mom feel good and secure...because then the baby will also feel good and secure. or not???
There were some very judgmental comments in some of the blogs I have to say. Not nice.
I personally like bits and pieces of all the different systems I read about...none of them seems to be perfect but I think there's no such thing anyway...and I certainly can't blame another mom because she decided to do co-sleeping for example because that's the only way her baby will sleep.
So pls let's be less judgmental =)))