Thursday, April 15, 2010

Busy Long Day!

Meine Guete..we really had a very long day today! Starting with our 9.30 ferry trip to this week's playgroup in Bostanli which was not too busy (not like the one at my place last week with 12 moms and 13 kids(!)...I couldn't even write about it :o) was just about the right size...then we took the 12.30 ferry back to Alsancak...had lunch and coffee at our usual place (Gloria Jean's) where another friend joined us until 3pm...then some walking & chatting for another hour or 4pm Ela fell asleep and I normally would have gone home...but there was a strange energy today...not sure what it was, should probably check out some spiritual sites..but I couldn't go home...something kept me I walked to the park close to the harbor and meanwhile Ela was awake again and started to watch the kids in the park playing...I also had to change her nappy at this point in her pram...then we walked to Alper's office and waited for Papi to join us...but we still weren't able to go home, on our way we stopped at Tansas, Joker, another Tansas and a was almost 7 when I finally got home. We had a quick family dinner and then it was bath-nursing-sleeping time.
Now it's 10.20pm...Alper is playing Poker with a friend...I'm in front of the computer...very tired but happy :p

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