Friday, April 30, 2010

First Diarrhea Experience...

Not a very delicious topic I'm afraid but since yesterday Ela's having her first diarrhea experience and related to that a terrible rash with cracks (and therefore burning I guess since she cries everytime I change her nappy). It might be a sign for teething since there's no vomiting, fever or bad temper. And today the frequency and consistency of her stools were slightly better but I can't say the same about the's still red, red, red. I called her doc and he told me to apply Trosyd and Betnovate during every nappy change but that didn't seem to help much so I continued to use the goold old Desitin.
Ela is sleeping now and her newest habit is to sleep on her tummy. I guess it's not risky anymore so I don't try to change that habit of hers. After all, I also prefer to sleep on my tummy and hated to sleep on my back while being pregnant.

I also want to quickly write about a hot discussion between some mommies on Nurturia that's been going on since Monday. One of the moms opened a topic with a heading that was something like "What do Tracy and Ferber know anyway?" and she basically tried to say that she thought natural/attachment parenting was healthier and better for babies compared to Tracy's and Ferber's methods. She also wrote that she supported the idea of a Turkish expert who said kids shouldn't be left crying at all till the age of three in order for them to develop self-confidence and self -esteem.
The discussion got more and more aggressive and after 18 pages some of the moms were almost mad at each other and in the end the topic owner closed her account and left the website.
I believe that discussions are good but I also believe that we in Turkey are not very good at leading them in a proper and healthy way. There's too much judgment included and in this case I think the heading itself was the provoker...openly judging everybody who applied or tried to apply Tracy Hogg's and Ferber's methods and saying they were doing a bad job.
I wrote about this before and therefore don't want to repeat myself but I really really wish everybody would become less judgmental and more respectful towards each other!
And one little comment about the crying part; my experience actually shows the opposite, I spent 12 years in German schools and then 6 years in Turkey as a student and another 9 years as an educational consultant going in and out of almost every private school in Turkey (and some Middle Eastern Countries) and I can easily say that concerning self-confidence and self-esteem our kids here, who are mostly raised "naturally", are far far behind in terms of these qualities compared to German kids who are obviously raised with much more discipline and various structured methods and are certainly left crying from time to time (or quite often actually...:))


  1. Janset, I love the picture of Ela.
    How is her popo? This must be very painful.
    Love you, Eva

  2. Her popo is back to normal Eva but I have the feeling this was a sign of another teething period...she's very clingy again and sometimes cranky for no reason...but everything else is fine, thx for asking honey.