Friday, April 23, 2010

Montalk: Life is...

"Life is also like a role-playing computer game you (as the higher self) help design and then experience. The general plot of the game is decided beforehand, but how it actually turns out depends on how well you play and the choices you make. What is the point of this game? It is to experience and better understand yourself, others, and reality. Anything you go through in life that affects you for better or for worse is there to serve that purpose. These experiences are there to help you become smarter and wiser. They contain learning lessons and are arranged for you by the game designer; the higher self who designed and can still make changes to the game as you play it.

To give you a better idea of what kind of lessons I'm talking about, here are some ideas: you learn what you are really capable of doing by overcoming your fears; you learn the wisdom of how to handle complex situations for the best of everyone involved; you learn how others feel when you hurt them through selfish choices; you learn how to distinguish what is good and true from dark and false; you learn how following the dark parts of you brings pain and misfortune but following what is good in you brings peace and happiness; you learn what really has meaning and value and what are illusions that do not make your soul happy; you learn about what love really means; and you learn how reality works and how there are so many limitations you can break through if you understand them and give it your best shot.

You, the lower self, do not decide what lessons you need, but you do decide the timing and style of experience necessary for you to learn a particular lesson. For instance, if you have an open mind and love to learn, the experience might be an easy and exciting one because that is all you need to get the point. But if you are stubborn and stuck in your thinking, the experience might be harsher so that the lesson gets through to you. If an experience does not deliver its message to you successfully, it will repeat under a similar but different circumstance so that you get another chance. But the more you ignore it, the more painful the next repetitive experience becomes. So the key to having an easier and more exciting life is to pay attention to what your experiences can teach you, and then use what you learn to make better choices in the future. These lessons simply make you understand what you did not see before, thereby changing your approach to life for the better. But if the same bad episode keeps happening then there is something you're not getting, or if you get it, something you're not putting into practice. It's not always easy figuring out what that might be, but ask your higher self for understanding and maybe the answer will come to you within a few days as a realization, or ask someone wiser than you for some suggestions. "

(Montalk, from the "free" pdf, Fringe Knowledge for Beginners) - www.montalk. net

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