Monday, April 12, 2010

Teething Queen

Two days ago two lower teeth popped out, this morning one upper one made its way out ;)
This means Ela has 9 teeth altogether now (number 10 is probably also on its way). Everybody says she's teething quite fast but I read that by the age of one they averagely have 12 teeth so it looks like she's more or less "normal."

Teething hasn't been too big a problem (which I'm quite grateful for)...some came with a runny nose and constipation but this time she only woke up at night once or twice and wanted to be comforted...

Speaking about sleeping I think she's gonna be one wild sleeper! Somehow she manages to turn horizontal in her cot and bangs her head against the bars (which causes her to wake up of course...and cry...)...and also when she's awake she has this rebellious attitude sometimes...esp. when we're out she's shrieking and yelling at the top of her voice (out of joy) and a few days ago a woman said "you're a wild girl!" while passing...

BTW, here are some different styles of Ela baby sleeping:

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