Saturday, April 10, 2010

What's new with us...

Apart from Ela's proper crawling skills quite a few things have changed in the last couple of days;she has 2 new teeth (lower) which caused her to wake up at night...but I'm eagerly trying to "teach" her to sleep through again...btw, I stopped dream feeding her yesterday...and nothing really changed...but I replaced the dream feed with an extra feed (short) at daytime.
When I play music Ela is kind of dancing; kind of shaking her belly to the rhythm which looks really funny..I couldn't record it yet but it's one of my major goals these days ;)
She's eating almost everything now incl. red meat, fish, chicken, turkey, most veggies and fruits and not only pureed but with some tiny little soft pieces of more solid food.
In general, she's more aware of things, more conscious I guess...and she can play longer on her own which is nice!
What's not so nice is that she started to hate nappy changes and tries to escape before I can put on a new one..this is really annoying and actually caused me to consider applying "The Diaper-Free Baby" approach. I started to put her on the potty in the mornings...of course only for a very short time since she absolutely has no idea what she's doing on this strange thing.
What's new with me? Well, the best thing I can think of is the fact that I started running once a week at the fair. Elif motivated me and once we ran together and last Wed I ran alone...I haven't felt better in a very long time...actually, it's funny that now that I have less time I try to create more time for the things I always wanted to do. I guess this is the rule, when you can do it's less appealing than when you can't do it.
This also caused me to think about myself as an Janset...the woman who likes to be alone sometimes...without being tied to anybody..which is not possible when you're a mother...not that I'm complaining (yet)...but I'm looking forward to having more freedom soon to be honest..that's one of the reasons why I'm not planning to have another baby.
Anyways, now I have to feed Ela and myself..then it's bath & sleeping time :))))


  1. Best wishes!

  2. Ela is adorable! I love the way she moves her 'popo':)

    I totally understand you and have the same reason with you that I don't want another baby ;)

    And I am happy that you started running. I started bicycling three times a week. Wonderful times!

  3. Great for you Evren! Biking would also be nice but I guess I have to wait till Ela is a bit older for that since I can't leave Ela for too long with her daddy yet. I also want to start practicing Yoga again and maybe take some French I asking for too much???

  4. No no, it is never too much! And it is the nature of human, you always for more :)