Sunday, May 23, 2010

Back home

Finally, back home in Istanbul. After 13 months of separation...never had I stayed away for so long. Every time we approach the airport and I see the city from above I get sentimental...asking myself when it will be our last landing, when we will come back for good.
Not that I have any negative feelings concerning Izmir (anymore)...(not that I have too many positive ones either :)))
I'm happy about my current life because I have wonderful friends who've become my second family, I'm happy because life in Alsancak is easy with a baby, I'm happy because we can spend the summer in Cesme which will be nice for Ela, I'm happy because Alper is happy to be able to walk to work/to the gym/to his friends'...
But frankly speaking I don't think I will ever reach a point where I'll say I'm happy to be in Izmir. I know that there's a reason why I'm living there at the moment...although maybe I will never find out why. From a spiritual point, it's said that we need to be in certain places at certain times 1) to raise our energies, i.e. to absorb the energy of the place which in my case would probably be absorbing Izmir's female energy 2) to raise the energy of the place with our lights and frequencies (sounds a bit big headed, I know, but makes one feel good :))
BTW, our flight couldn't haved been better...Ela fell asleep while nursing her during take off and she slept through the whole flight (which is not a very long one anyway..)
It was nice to spend some time at the airport again after a long time. Traveling in general and staying in hotels had become a huge burden for me during my last few years at Pearson, but airports have always been my favorite place. I love the constant traffic of people, all have their own stories, their own reasons to be there at that point. All kinds of people, coming from different places, going to different places. No real concept of time...constant movement.
I guess that's what I love; movement and action 24/7.
Aha...I guess that's why I couldn't get used to's not really a "moving" city...and definitely not 24/7! Just to give a little example; I wanted to go to a hairdresser this morning before leaving but couldn't find one single open place because it's a Sunday. And these "little" things unfortunately happen all the time. Everybody is very is not equal professionalism. (I should stop complaining right now!)
Anyways...I'm very happy. Everything is perfect as it is.

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