Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Beautiful Day...

First thing in the morning Ela and I went to the Yesilkoy bazaar and I really I mean REALLY satisfied my urge to shop :)) Fantastic stuff and great prices...Ela slept for 1.5 hours so I was kind of free to look around but it would have been much easier w/o her of course...but still...I bought everything I had in mind...and more ;))


  1. This sounds and looks wonderful. What did you buy? Pictures please :)).
    We are packing the house up today and it is hard.
    Love you,

  2. Oh, mainly long summer dresses for myself...each 15-20 TL that is around $10...leggings, underwear and shirts for 5-10 TL each..and T-shirts, dresses and leggings for Ela of course :))) pix will follow!
    Wish u an easy packing up meine Liebe...I watched your're so right, it's really hard to go through the same moving process every 3 or so years...
    Halt mich auf dem Laufenden!
    Good luck :))