Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bleeding lip...

We started the day with a not-so-nice incident; Ela pulled herself up a little table in her room and at some point her feet must have slipped and she banged her mouth against the edge of the table which caused her upper teeth to cut her lower lip and as if that hadn't been enough she fell backwards quite fast and hit her head, too. Of course, she cried a lot...not too hysterically but louder than normal...then Alper came and she calmed down. When I handed her to him I saw that there was a big red spot on my shirt...from Ela's first bleeding experience. Now it looks like we had her lower lip enhanced...very sexy :p
I don't know if that increased her clingingness which has been present anyway for the last few days..and on top of that I think she's also it's not hard to guess that it was a challenging day today :o
Luckily, her morning nap lasted 2 hrs and the afternoon one another full hour.
Now she's fast asleep. I love the evenings.

Here're some pictures from Nihan's Birthday Party which was yesterday...she's such a wonderful host...everything was so tasteful and nice as usual. Every time we meet I can feel how our energy levels are raised. I love my friends.

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  1. Gute Besserung an Ela und viel Kraft fuer Dich meine liebe Janset.
    Die Fotos sind wirklich schoen.
    Liebe Gruesse vin Deiner Eva