Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A few updates...

- Ela's new favorite activity: climbing up the sofa and trying to 'walk' sideways and squeaking out of joy while doing that as can be seen in the pix :)

- Her appetite is back again...not that she eats huge amounts but at least she doesn't turn her head away after the first spoon of veggies...she's very much like me in fact; loves breakfast (whole grain meal, fruit, oatmeal), could eat bread all the time, enjoys fruits and snacks like cookies, cheese muffins and also cheese alone but doesn't like meat very much...that's why I actually mix sometimes apples or pears with chicken...I know that "experts" don't recommend that but I really don't care...I want her to get the iron...basta!
- The diarrhea is gone..her popo is nice and soft again :) probably was a teething symptom.
- We still couldn't find a place in Cesme...the rents they ask for really don't make sense...thousands of Liras for crap...I'm sure we will eventually find a nice house which is also affordable...maybe this weekend?
- Meryem had her baby girl today! Congratssssss

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