Monday, May 17, 2010

Potential Biting Problem

I was lying on the floor, Ela was sitting next to me playing with her toys...suddenly I felt sharp pain in my stomach; Ela had bitten me just like that :o
I know that she bites when she gets angry...either me, herself, or anything she can find..sometimes she also bites out of joy...or for no reason like yesterday.
I read that babies tend to bite since they can't speak and therefore are not able to express their feelings (esp. anger) with words. Does that mean she'll stop biting as soon as she begins to speak?
I hope so.

Hot hot hot's been so hot in Izmir for the last few days...I can't believe I couldn't sleep for the last 2 nights because it was so hot in the middle of May?!?!?!?
What else?
I'm preparing for Istanbul :)))))
We are flying on Sunday (at last!)
I already made a full program for the whole week...Ela will stay with my parents...and I will meet friends, visit my favorite spots, do some shopping and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy every single moment.
I love Istanbul.
I thought I was over it...I thought I had finally managed to like the idea of living in Izmir...thanks to my lovely friends I wasn't missing Istanbul too much...I thought.
But one simple sentence I read in a magazine today almost made my eyes wet...a young actress was writing about her trip to Greece and how much she had liked it ...but her last sentence went like 'but the best part of the trip was to come back to my beautiful Istanbul...'
How long is my trip going to last? When will I go back to my beautiful Istanbul?
I'm so not over it.

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