Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A traumatized ultra clingy Ela...

Yesterday was our first day in Istanbul and my plan was to leave Ela with my parents and meet my brother Tancan and cousin Hanife at Kanyon. I left home at noon time and had a wonderful lunch with Hanife at House Cafe; it was one of those really inspiring and energy-raising meetings...sharing similar feelings and ideas, being on the same level, having similar (spiritual) goals for the future and most importantly "speaking the same language"...Hanife is also very interested in Quantum Thinking and is currently attending a course on holistic learning (would also like to learn more about this subject and left brain/right brain practices).
Then Tancan joined us and after a short chat gave us a tour of his working place MAC, a very fancy and big sports center at Kanyon. Hanife and I esp. loved NuSpa! I really hope to have the chance of getting one of those amazing massages there before we leave..
At around 4pm my phone rang and a very desperate voice told me that Ela had been very cranky after she had woken up from her afternoon nap at 3pm and nothing they did could calm her down. She had crawled to all the rooms in the apartment and when she had realized I wasn't there she had started to cry non-stop. Hanife and I rushed home and when I had her in my arms half an hour later she was still shaking from all the crying :( We grabbed her and went to a nearby Starbucks and met another cousin there. Very quickly Ela was back to normal...smiling and playing around...but as soon as we were back home she didn't let go of me for a second. I couldn't even go to the toilet...she thought I'd leave her again when I put her down. At bath time she was fine again, then nursing and sleeping were also no prob...night sleep was also same same...waking up 2-3 times because of a runny and blocked nose due to teething and probably also separation anxiety. She woke up normal and I thought she was over it.
I was so wrong.
I decided to take mom and Ela with me today...heading straight to a shopping mall to buy a car seat for her so that traveling wouldn't be a prob since obviously I wasn't able to leave her anymore. But the car ride turned into a huge disaster! She was screaming on my mom's lap at the back...I couldn't believe it...she was seeing me but still thought I could jump out of the car any minute and leave her alone :o
And then at the shopping mall she had a long nap and when she woke up yesterday's clingy/sticky Ela was back! Like a koala holding tight on me...not even allowing me to try s.th. on while (trying to) do some shopping. And since the ride back home started with another crisis my mom offered to drive (although her German driving licence not valid here and she not very comfortable to drive in Ist.) . But sitting next to Ela at the back wasn't enough! She refused to sit in the seat and insisted on climbing on my lap...so the car seat was unfortunately not the solution to the problem :(
Tomorrow I want to go the bazaar in Yesilkoy...I'll ask my dad to drive us there early in the morning..then we will meet a new friend I made via Nurturia.
I'm hoping for a calmed down Ela tomorrow morning...
I think it was just too much of everything for her, teething, traveling, new place, unfamiliar people, disappearing mom, blocked nose, hot weather,...

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