Friday, May 21, 2010

Traveling with a baby

I used to be a packing pro when I was working at Pearson and had to travel 5 times a month.
I calculated everything carefully and never took more than really necessary. My luggage was always the smallest and lightest.
But packing for a baby is so out of my league!
There are so many things to consider; what if the weather gets cold? What if the weather gets hot? What if we need to change her clothes 3 times a day? We don't want to bother with washing of course. Do I need bodies for everyday? OMG, the towels are so heavy, should I buy some there and leave them at my parents'? Do I need more long-sleeved shirts or short-sleeved? Shoud I take the nose aspirator with me?
Speaking of aspirators...Ela has had a very runny nose since Tue and although I was pretty sure that it was a teething symptom I took her to her pediatrician today since she coughed a few times in the morning and I wasn't sure if it sounded a bit strange and maybe could turn into serious. I felt a bit weird to be honest since I normally would never run to a doc because of a runny nose but since we're flying on Sunday I wanted to be sure that she's fine and flying won't do her any harm.
But I was was just another teething symptom...four new teeth are about to pop out. Poor girl. It must be quite hurtful.
Anyways, we're ready to travel now...our bags are more or less prepared (Ela's bag is twice the size as mine!) day left ;))

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