Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Travel Wishlist

I used to like traveling a lot before I actually had to travel like crazy for was in fact one of the (less important) reasons why I wanted to quit so badly. I didn't want to see airports, passport checks and hotels for a very long time. I guess when you HAVE to travel it's getting less interesting and no matter what the destination is it's just a terrible burden which separates you from your loved ones and makes you miss special days and many nice events.

But I'm kind of ready to travel again. And since I have a cute travel buddy now (Alper hates traveling, esp. flying makes him sick and his interest in exploring new places is not too big) I started to dream about certain spots we could visit in the next few years. I want to wait till Ela is slightly older (2-2.5) so that flying and traveling gets a bit easier.

Here's my wishlist;

1) Christmas 2011 Germany (Frankfurt)

2) Fall 2012 USA (New York)

3) Christmas 2012 Germany and maybe France (Strasbourg)

4) Fall 2013 Italy

5) Christmas 2013 Germany

6) Fall 2014 UK (London)

7) Christmas 2014 Germany

and of course every 2-3 months: ISTANBUL

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