Monday, June 28, 2010

One-Year-Old Ela

What's new with little Ela?

- She started to (try to) repeat words like bye-bye and Alper (Aabeer)
- She's more and more interested in her dad...showing him special attention and being very happy to have him around
- She's not walking yet, I ordered this to motivate her..hope she likes it :)
- We went to the pool and the sea for the first time...she felt more comfortable in the pool but the sea was actually very wavy and she was scared by the noise. This week we will start going to Ceshme where the sea is quite calm so I hope she'll enjoy it since I would prefer not to use the pool at all. The place we're staying is a big complex with lots of people and I also don't know if the pool is cleaned well enough.
- Breastfeeding only in the mornings after wake-up and before bedtime
- Started to give milk at breakfast with cereals. No allergy detected so far
- Stopped preparing special meals for her...she's eating everything now. Favorites are meatballs, fishfingers, green lentils, fruits like bananas, cherries, pears, apples and her absolute favorite is breakfast cereals
- Tasted ice cream for the first time (McDonald's creamy ice cream) and lovvveddd it!
- She tries to sing saying 'mmmmm' with songs she likes :))))

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