Friday, June 11, 2010

Part-Time EC: Finally decided to give it a try!

Today before bath time we officially started with the diaperfreebaby/part-time elimination communication (EC) approach.

I removed the carpet in Ela's room and we started to practice naked on the first day. I will also try the training pants sometimes.
My primary goal is to teach Ela awareness about her bowel movements since she hasn't cried even once after having pooped since she's born. These new nappies are so good (!) that babies really don't feel any pee or poop for a very long time. I will never push her to "learn" to use the toilet or potty and in the beginning I will only do it one hour in the mornings and one hour in the evenings when she usually does her poop. I know there're many views against this early intro of "potty education" but when I read the book I really liked the idea and had the feeling that this might be the right aproach for us (both).
I'm very relaxed and don't have any certain date in mind when I would like Ela to 'graduate' from this education. If she raises her awareness and starts to tell me before she does it would be nice to properly train her next summer (it's so much easier in summer) since I want to start traveling with her when she's 2.5 and it would be very practical if she's already potty trained.
This whole training thing is gonna teach me, too, of course...
I will learn to be more flexible (dealing with cleaning pee and poop :)))
I will learn to be patient (I was never patient with myself when learning
I will learn to be a better observer (looking for specific signs)

First day result:
1 poop and pee being caught
1 poop and pee being missed

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