Monday, June 14, 2010

Tolerance & Patience

Before Ela I would have considered myself a relatively tolerant and patient person but there were some situations I felt less tolerant and patient to be honest like being around people I don't have anything in common and can't find anything to talk about (eg. in-laws, most of my relatives, most of Alper's relatives). And I certainly pushed my limits of tolerance and patience when my in-laws moved from Ist. to Izmir and stayed with us for over a year. Nothing against them, I can't even share the same place with my own parents anymore...sometimes I wonder how I spent 21 years with them in the same apartment...and then I remember how frustrated I was because of that.
Anyways, this was before Ela.
Now everything's different...not that motherhood automatically brings some angelic features or something...but what makes the difference is that now I have something in common with them...and that something is Ela.
I still don't have to lead any direct conversations with them but because they are only focused on her I don't have to talk anyway. And I feel that I'm not disturbed anymore by their louder talking..or their interesting interests...or their totally different approach to life in general.
I feel lighter now. Less vulnerable. More tolerant and patient.

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