Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Why do Turkish "Teyzes" have the urge to feed you???

On Sunday we celebrated Ela's birthday with Alper's family...
Here's the dialogue that took place between me and his aunt at lunchtime:

Alper's Aunt (AA): Take some 'borek' honey...

Me: Thank you so much but I actually don't like borek very much.

AA: Ahhh, but I made it specially for you and Alper, you have to try..

Me: That's so nice of you but I'd rather not eat, thank you...

AA: Please take just a little piece!

Me: No, thank you.

AA: (cutting a small piece and trying to stuff it into my mouth)..you know one should it just to make the other person happy (I couldn't actually translate this part properly because it's a typical Turkish saying which probably can't be translated into any other language: Hatirim icin Ye!...)

Me: Please, don't insist...I really don't wanna eat...(whereas deep inside I said s.th. like STOP IT!!! I HATE YOUR BOREK!!! WHY DON'T YOU GET IT OLD LADY????????)

Another very annoying thing is that they keep telling you you will catch a cold or get stomach ache because you walk barefoot. It's sooooo tiring to explain that this is nonsense!!!

This is AA with Ela:

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