Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cesme Update

Fri: very nice day at Ramo's Beach (strongly recommend this bay with 3 different beach clubs!!! Beautiful sandy beach, amazing sea and good prices...)
Sat: fantastic day at Shayna Beach with Alper's friends from Istanbul...the only popular beach club we still like to go
Sun: Lunch at new Cesme Marina (second favorite place now after Alacati) and fun at the pool of brother-in-laws summer house

Less nicer things:
- Very, very very tiring 4 days in general with Ela, esp. first two days w/o Alper...having to do everything with Ela in my arms (since house isn't childproof) was sooo exhausting
- Loud music and DJ talk starting suddenly at midnight as if somebody was giving a party next door...since DJ talking in Greek probably a boat or catamaran coming close to Turkish shore and giving crazy parties...
- Carrying so many things back and forth obviously going to be very tiring as well...

Conclusion: Maybe too early to comment but now would say that don't want to rent a house again next year...would prefer to stay in a hotel every Saturday w/o having to worry about meals/tidying up/childproof environment/in-laws(!)


  1. Oh Janset, It sounds wonderful, but I also feel your pain. I wish our travels would stop already. On Wednesday I am off again to Germany. We just returned yesterday from Germany (the 4 day bike trip).
    Love from Eva
    P.S.: Give Ela a kiss.

  2. You're so right meine Liebe, it was wonderful and painful at the same time :))
    How was the bike trip????
    Enjoy your time in Germany...will be with you in spirit!
    PS: Give Leyla a kiss ;)