Thursday, July 1, 2010

In Cesme...

First night in Cesme (totally irrelevant but reminded me of the song First Night In Bangkok :))) good old 80s...) ...currently sitting on terrace of attic floor..Ela fast lights...just the stars...almost forgot how dark it actually gets life is so I can hear the nature...listen to the light waves...
We're lucky, although it 's a very big & crowded complex it's quite calm and silent...I can't hear any voices or any other kind of noise.
It was a tiring day...traveling with a baby requires special skills! It starts with packing efficiently but certainly doesn't end with unpacking :o
Change of routines and unfamiliar surroundings can confuse the child. But I shouldn't complain...Ela dealt with everything - even the slightly cold water at bathtime because mommy was stupid enough to forget to turn the heater on- very well .
Tomorrow will be a beautiful day with our playgroup @ a beach called Ramo's very close to where we stay in Ciftlikkoy.
I hope I'll dream of nice ;)))

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