Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August Break Day 10

...today was a more enjoyable day. In fact, it was a very nice day. I felt good again, only some little body pain (I don't know how to describe this pain better, when you feel kind of weak but not necessarily sick).
It was nice because Ela & I very spontaneously met Alexandra and Nath and then Burcin. I like such last-minute catch ups.
Photo-wise I was lazy though..no interesting shots today.

..this is what I've been drinking almost 24/7 since yesterday; warm water with lemon. No idea if it helped but it makes me feel good. Actually, there's supposed to be a more effective recipe; tea with a little bit of pepper, ginger, honey and lemon. But I was (again) too lazy to prepare that. I guess one needs to have her mom around to get served such things while being sick. (Although I'm not sure, if I would have wanted to have her around yesterday :s)

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