Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August Break Day 11 &12

Yesterday was probably the hottest day so far this summer...therefore, we stayed in and spent our day video-chatting with grandma&grandpa...playing around a lot...enjoying the cool environment thanks to the A/C.
I didn't have the chance to write about our breastfeeding issue; Monday morning I had decided to stop but the last two mornings it was hard to console Ela with anything else..unless we want to start the day at 5.30/6.00 of course. And we certainly don't want that!!! So I decided to nurse her this morning at 6.00 and then she slept till 9.00 which I found great. She woke up very happily and was a star the whole day. This way she also just needs one daytime nap and can go to bed a bit earlier in the evenings (20.00). For now I will continue breastfeeding in the mornings (not before 5.30) only and started to introduce some evening milk before bedtime (which she's currently not eager to drink yet).

E. loves to lean on :)

E.'s currently favorite toy (thx Isla ;)) ...not very good at it yet though ;)
(I wish I could take nicer & clearer pics but I have only a few seconds to shoot since E. grabs for the phone as soon as she sees it..)

E. obviously missed the beach..she insisted on playing with her beach toys...


Then we had another difficult night; Ela woke up at 21:45 and didn't sleep till 23:30..and then she woke up every hour or idea what was wrong with her..maybe the teething..maybe gas pain..maybe blocked nose...
It's so hard not to know what's wrong...I'm so looking forward to when she'll be able to tell me.
But in the morning she woke up very happy and the whole day she was in a very good mood (I hope that will reflect on her night sleep as well! But no expectations of course :))) With all the difficult nights this week I feel like somebody's testing my patience & tolerance..except that I don't know who that is, when the test will finish and if I actually will
have passed :))

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