Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August Break Day 17 - A Letter To Ela

Dear Ela,
I know that the last few days or even weeks have been hard on you...all the traveling around, getting used to new places & new people combined with unbearably hot weather, and as a bonus your pointy teeth that've been trying to pop out for weeks now. It was a difficult period and I'd like to thank you for being such a lovely kid and trying to keep up with this pace. Especially last week we had some challenging days & nights and I'd rather blame it on the planets and stars! I find it very frustrating not to be able to understand what's wrong with you when you cry sometimes...and I'm sorry I can't help you in some cases. I know that we have different views on certain things, eg. sleeping & eating habits...but believe me, my only aim is to "teach" you things so that in the future you can be an independent and happy person. I have no idea if I can even contribute to that but everything I do now is related to this simple goal of mine. I sure know that the older you get the more disagreements we will have...and I apologise in advance for every second I make you angry or cry.
I promise to respect you as a little person who has her own character and attitude and I won't make advantage of being "bigger" or "stronger". (At least, I will try very hard..)
I'm sorry if sometimes I'm stressed, frustrated and even selfish (like when you wake up at 4.30am and want the breast and I let you cry a bit because I think you need to learn to sleep through there's also a bit of being too tired to bother to be honest)
I enjoy every single second with you, awake or asleep, and I'm looking forward to times when we will be able to play more together, do some fun stuff like painting, crafts and all kinds of activities.
Sometimes (or let's say 'very often' lately) I complain about your clinginess...and I know very well that I will regret these complaints and miss your hugs and need to be 'stuck' to me very very soon.
I love you very much Ela. We're a good team ;)

E.'s latest achievement; climbing up the higher couch...

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