Wednesday, August 18, 2010

August Break Day 18

Difference between Alper and Janset: my aunt and I planned our Marmaris vacation last summer, booked it in March and went in July. No change of plans. No hesitation whatsoever. Three weeks ago, Alper and I decided to spend the Bayram holiday in Bodrum. I made some research, found a nice hotel, managed to get a good price and asked Alper to send the deposit. Within these three weeks he changed his mind approx. 20 times and just after he finally said "Ok, I'll send the details and money now" he admitted that he didn't want to drive for so long and would prefer to book a place in Cesme. (Don't get me wrong, it was originally his idea..)
Three years ago, this could have been the cause for a serious argument.
Now I just say 'whatever'. I wonder if this state of indecisiveness, disorganization, uncertainty, or whatever it could be called comes from birth or is aquired later in life. That is, can you actually teach a child to be decisive, organized and certain about plans? I think the answer to this is Yes.
Concerning this matter, there's something else I discovered about myself...something I remembered about my father used to promise to take us on trips from time to time and then in the end he always found a stupid excuse and we ended up staying at home. This was one of my most annoying childhood experiences.That's exactly why I can't stand it when plans are made and then cancelled for no reason. It shouldn't be too difficult; to think it through, plan ahead and STICK TO IT. Or is it? For many people, apparently, it is.

E. sharing her doll with a friend this afternoon :)

For the last few days I've been thinking about what is still left in my life from the past that I have to release and let go. All the spiritual articles say the same, if you want to enter the multi-dimensional new world you have to get rid of past issues NOW. I thought I had detached myself from all but then I looked at my Facebook Profile and saw the many people from my past (also family members I haven't seen in ages) who were so irrelevant and kind of unnecessary to be reminded of. I decided to open a new account on Ela's name because my parents like to be updated with photos of Ela every week and there're a few people I still want to have such a cyber-connection with. I already feel felt so weird to see into somebody's life who I actually don't really know anymore...and vice versa.

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  1. Lovely insights. I love reading all this about you. Let's me feel close to you and the things that go on in your life.
    I felt very similar about facebook and rarely use it at the moment.
    Love from Eva