Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August Break Day 24

Today's full moon...the smallest and most distant of the year.
I always loved the moon, esp. when full.
Yesterday I wrote about the things I've been missing and today I want to cheer myself up and remember all the places I've been to already. That might relieve me a bit and give me some patience till we can finally enjoy traveling with Ela.
Beirut...almost my 2nd home for a while and absolute favorite after NYC
Budapest...lovely, lovely, lovely
Dubai...least favorite by far; fake, unnatural, too hot, too much traffic, shallow...shallow...shallow
Munich...favorite city in Germany, haven't been to Berlin, though, so might change my mind.
Nice...beautiful small city which looks like a film set, felt like will bump into Grace Kelly any second ;)
Paris...stayed too short, Disneyland was nice but want to see more of Paris, put on have-to-go-back list
Prague...fell in love with this beauty, beautiful when covered with snow..even more beautiful in spring.
Barcelona...absolute favorite in Europe, nice people, fab atmosphere, great shopping, lively rhthym 
New Orleans...went two months before Katrina so remember it as a very authentic, slightly dirty, very inspiring city with the best Jazz Bars ever
New York...still dreaming of living there for a while, my number two after Istanbul
Istanbul...Janset's number one :)
Plus; Seville, Faro, Zurich, Salzburg, Malta, Cyprus, Damascus, Amman, Cairo, Alexandria, Bahreyn, Frankfurt, Trier, Mannheim, Speyer (where I was born) and a few other German cities.


  1. Wow, you have been around in the world.
    love you, sweet Janset.

  2. I know..the list surprised me, too ;) It also reminded me how tiring all this traveling was!