Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August Break Day 25

Nice not-too-hot day with some chitchat with friends at Starbucks.
Ela's back to her extremely clingy days (how much clingier can she actually get???).
Even at home when we're alone she's literally stuck to me and either wants to sit on my lap or to be held in my arms when I stand up. I find this very similar to having a lover who's so obsessed and wants to be with you 24/7 with constant hugs and kisses and cuddles and so on. This kind of behavior might be ok for a few days if you're also very much in love..but very soon it will definitely start to be annoying. Sometimes I fear that this will never come to an end and Ela turns into one of those kids who cry their eyes out when starting Kindergarten and are mama's kid all the time. A friend relieved me a bit today and said, 'If you give her the attention she wants now, then she won't turn into such a kid...but if you don't then it's more likely she will...and she's still very need to be afraid!' (Thx Alexandra)
E.'s new shoes ;)
more practice...E. keeps 'walking' up and down when at home

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