Monday, August 2, 2010

The joy of coming home...

After spending a week in Marmaris, four days in Istanbul and the weekend in Cesme Ela and I finally found our way back home last night. Being away for so long gave me an appreciation for staying at home with our nice little routines and familiar environment. And I think if I could turn back time I would have waited for another few days after Marmaris and then traveled to Istanbul. It was very nice in general...but the fact that Ela was teething and therefore was very very clingy made the whole trip extremely tiring & exhausting for me...both physically and mentally. And I don't think ever in my life did I have to show so much patience and understanding for somebody!!!

We stayed at Club Magic Life Marmaris Imperial. Very good choice considering the fact that we only saw pictures on the Internet and my aunt was told that it was a single/couple hotel and we might be the only ones with a kid (which turned to be wrong thanks God..although not too many there were other babies/toddlers around). Perfect location (Yalanci Bogaz), modern & clean rooms (family room), delicious food & huge variety (all incl.), nice sandy beach (not enough shade though), friendly staff (but as usual friendlier towards tourists rather than Turkish guests..this never made sense to me...probably they're tipping better???)
Weather was very hot and humid but I guess you can't really complain about hot weather at the beach :o
We stayed in a family room with a living room and two bedrooms; one for Ela and myself and another for my two aunts. This was quite convenient because when Ela went to bed at around 9pm I was able to spend time with my aunts in the living room and didn't have to stay on my own all the time.
I would recommend this resort without any hesitation and would also like to go back some time in the future (when Ela's not teething and less clingy)
Final comment; it would have been easier for me if Alper had come with us.

This trip was mainly a shopping tour for my aunt Saadet from Germany. Our tour started at the Grand Bazaar with some jewelry and scarves shopping, then continued at various malls like Capacity, Istinye Park, Metrocity and Kanyon. I wasn't planning to spend any money but I ended up buying a bikini, a scarf and some's summer sale could I possibly resist??? Ela was doing much better by then but being outside the whole day was of course very tiring for her.

Our summer house adventure is officially over (yippiee). My in-laws have had enough of Cesme and decided to come back to Izmir with us yesterday and Alper talked to the owner and told him he could have his house back if he was willing to pay a third of what we had paid for Aug/Sept. Luckily, he agreed which means we will spend our weekend nights in a hotel (Sisus) for the rest of the summer. I'm glad this happened because the house wasn't childproof and it was also difficult to arrange the meals for Ela. Besides, it was very tiring and stressful for Alper since his parents always found something to ask for (as usual). We also had enough of Ramo's Beach (too crowded, too many "interesting" people) and since Sisus gives their guests free entrance cards to Shayna Beach we will go there from now on.

Nice to be back home. Ela is still a bit clingy but much better and "normal". But it's just toooooo hoooottttt!!!

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