Wednesday, August 25, 2010

more spiritual stuff - The Scalar Wave Energy (by Lauren C. Gorgo)

"...For those of you who are not familiar with scalar wave energy, in my own words, it is the pure energy of Source...of life...the neutralized non-polar (zero-point) frequency of creation from which all matter is birthed...the proverbial divine clay.

According to the Arcturian collective, scalar energy is a neutrally participating energy wave which alters the state of electromagnetic particles through the properties of resonance, or harmonics. (Scientifically speaking, scalar energy is more field-like than wave-like... and tho it has always existed, it's only recently that scientists have discovered and begun to make use of it. )
The unseens also say that these scalar technologies are the result of the zero-point frequency field which is now available and anchored (by way-showers everywhere) into the activated 5th dimensional information grid system surrounding our planet and that these new scalar wave technologies are only the very beginning of the technological boom about to birth on earth."
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