Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What an intense wise

August came with very powerful energies...we might be feeling the effects of the June 26 eclipse since it usually takes one month till we're ready to cope with them..but there's definitely going on..everybody around me is experiencing it in one way or the other..I think the major theme of this period is CHANGE.
For me August started with the (good) news that we'd give back the keys to the summer house and will stay in a hotel in Cesme on Saturdays...then Alper finally sold the car and finally decided what to replace it with...then he said he'd like to go on a vacation since our weekend Cesme trips are usually quite tiring for him and he can't really rest or relax there, so we decided to spend the Bayram holiday in Bodrum since I don't want to drive for too long and I've actually missed Bodrum very much. I'm looking at hotels now but it's so hard to make a decision according to websites and Internet least there're some very good review sites which give real info and useful guidance. After some research I found this nice-looking boutique hotel in Gulluk...
What about Ela???
She's still teething and getting clingier and clingier...and clingier....
And I think we have a screaming problem...not only when she's angry but also when she's happy, hungry, wants, etc....etc..
It's quite annoying. I guess that's what you get for rolling your eyes at every screaming child before having one yourself :o
She's not walking yet...and there're also no real attempts...she seems to be very cautious..or maybe she's just not ready...I don't know...and I don't really care at the moment. She's gonna do it when she's ready and I don't really believe there's anything I can do about it.
Nice thing is she understands almost everything now and can communicate with me in her own way; shaking her head when she's full and doesn't want to eat anymore, pointing to the fridge when she's hungry, doing funny and looking at me to see if she was able to make me laugh :))
The heat in Izmir is really unbearable. Today I could hardly breathe outside and I heard tomorrow it's going to be even worse. Arrrrrr

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  1. My dear Janset,
    the hotel looks amazing and relaxing, especially since there are no people int he pictures :).
    I certainly feel the shift and change in me. Things are actually changing into a good direction.
    Ela is transforming as well. It is amazing to be able to communicate with her, isn't it?
    I hope your trip to Bodrum will bring some rest for you and some relief from the heat.
    My thoughts are with you.
    Love from Eva