Saturday, September 18, 2010

The First Fever

Our first Saturday at home after having closed the Cesme season started quite healthily and happily. Ela had her usual two naps, in between a  nice long walk, some shopping and coffee at Starbucks...but when we came home Alper said she felt very warm and he was sure she had fever. First I thought it's just because it was very hot today and in the pram it gets even hotter and I waited for a while till I actually checked her temperature. But after an hour or so it was very obvious; Ela was experiencing her first fever.
It was 38.3 degrees Celcius...I put her straight into the bath and bathed her with lukewarm water, then we gave her 5 ml of Pedifen syrup. After 45 min. her temperature had dropped to 37.9 and after dinner and a second bath before bedtime it was 37.4.
Fingers crossed for a good night sleep and no sudden wake-ups! So far she seems fine, just making a weird sound while breathing...not like she's in pain but a rather funny one - like a sigh.
Isn't it one of the most difficult things for parents to see their child(ren) suffer or feel unwell? They are so helpless and if like in our case they can't speak yet it's even harder.
I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all babies, kids and also adults healthy and illness-free days!

Here some shots taken in the morning when E. was still at normal temperature..

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