Monday, September 20, 2010

How's Ela?

Better, but still with a fluctuating fever between 37-38.6 degrees. I suspect it's the sixth disease which is also called Roseola because of the rosy/pinky rash following a fever that usually lasts for three days (still another 24 hours to go then!).
She's slept better tonight though without waking up between 8pm-5.30am,  I breastfed her and since her fever was 38.6 again gave her some Ibuprofen and she slept again till 9.30 (I guess a nice side effect of the medicine :o)
Actually, I believe that esp. with smaller children giving medicine right away isn't very good because there little body needs to learn to fight infections and thus strengthen their immune system and therefore I would probably prefer to give her Ibuprofen only before bedtime but Alper insists that I give it as soon as it gets higher than 38 degrees. Typical Turkish attitude I'm afraid; filling up the body with medicine without giving it a chance to heal itself and then wondering why getting sick all the time...I consider myself lucky though since at least he doesn't listen to his brother who told him to give the medicine every four-six hours no matter how high the temperature is. I'm sorry, I might not be an expert but I just don't agree with that...
Anyways, Ela's sleeping right now and she seems to be fine today, woke up without a fever and if it's really the sixth disease then we should welcome the rash tomorrow afternoon and then hopefully go back to normal. I will take her to the pediatrician tomorrow.
Yesterday morning E. only found comfort in her daddy's arms where she then fell asleep after a while...

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