Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Unfriended! And That's All Right By Me (Jennifer Hoffman)

"Facebook is the new way in which we relate to people and it has become the new measure of social popularity. If we have lots of friends (disregard the fact that we may not know most of them) we are considered popular. Fewer friends means we aren't 'with it'. But these anonymous friendships also offer the opportunity to end a friendship with the click of the 'unlike' button. Presto, we are no longer friends. No muss, no fuss, no drama or uncomfortable conversations.

If this is someone we like it can be upsetting. But we can offer our gratitude to those people who take the 'unfriend' step because they are letting us know that we no longer have to fulfill our role in their life. We are not socially undesirable to everyone, just to them. Is this an insult? I consider it a blessing. The people who decide they no longer want us in their life do so because (as was in my case), we are no longer useful to them. While that may sound harsh, it is true. When we do not fulfill specific roles for them, they can't get what they want from us on an energetic level. So we are free and they can find someone else who will meet those needs.
What if everyone you support, befriend, are an emotional or financial anchor for and rescuer of suddenly told you they no longer wanted you in their life? Would you be happy or sad?"

Interesting to hear, that is read, that quite a few people have 'Facebook issues'. Although this example is kind of the opposite of what I experienced (not being unfriended but having the desire to unfriend myself)  it still shows how these social networking websites can actually create unnecessary social connections.
On the other hand, I also believe they give us the opportunity to make choices. Choices about whom to be friends with, whom to 'unfriend' and to be or not to be part of this network at all.
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  1. Facebook has truly left me confused many times. A while ago I unfriended many people. People Rick works with, people that I never have contact with, people that post so much "dummes Zeug", etc. Rick never accepts friend requests if he doesn't want these people in his life.
    How are you?
    Love from Eva