Friday, September 3, 2010

Welcome Fall!

As of September 1 the weather finally went back to bearable degrees...its' amazing how outside temperatures can affect the human body. I immediately felt lighter, happier and more joyful. A friend said this coolness is kind of liberating and I couldn't agree more...the enormous heat we experienced this summer made one feel like locked up in a cage..similar to the state of claustrophobia...almost impossible to breathe, move and basically live normally.
Temperatures are said to go up and down between 25-30 degrees Celcius till end-November which I think is perfect.

I should go and check on Ela now...she's sleeping but I hope she wakes up soon (isn't it funny, when they sleep we want them to wake up and when they don't we go crazy :s) because I'd like her to take a second nap around 3pm when I have an appointment at the beauty parlor :)

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