Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bite Me!

I can't believe it but I think Ela's teething again. She constantly puts her  hand into her mouth which is very unusual, is extremely moody like one moment she's an angel, the next she's yelling like crazy. The only relief is that there're only four teeth left to poke through. I want to believe that it'll be easy. Amen.
Today the weather was very disturbing, cloudy but very humid and too warm. It felt like the sky could explode any minute...but so far it's quiet and calm.
Last night, I had an interesting dream, I was a Native American healer (during a past life reading I found out I was a Native American woman with some healing powers and therefore was isolated from the tribe and felt very lonely) who was using spiders for healing. Really big spiders.
According to Native American Animal Symbolism spiders connect the past with the future, creating possibilities...
This reminds me of Lauren C.Gorgo wrote in her last post about the current energies we are experiencing; ...the process of dying to the past so as to be reborn into a higher expression of consciousness.

I love street musicians. I wish there were more of them around here but it's still not very common in Turkey.  

One of Ela's mooh-moohs :) 

Already eager to wear my stuff :o

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