Saturday, October 16, 2010

Finally some freedom

Yesterday we went to a children's activity center called Saysen & Party House with Isla to talk about the possibility of organising a playgroup for kids of IWAI members. During our quick meeting Ela and Ceyda enjoyed themselves in one of the playrooms and for the first time in 15 months I could leave Ela with somebody other than Alper. It was a strange and at the same time amazing feeling! And what's even better is that Isla managed to get a good offer for a Tuesday afternoon playgroup from 2pm-3.30pm.
This simple development truly made my day!
And then this morning I called a Yoga center called IzmirYoga close to where I live to ask about weekend classes and they said there was one at 11am but the teacher was still an assistant teacher and all other classes were during the week. But since I'm just longing for some time for myself-some quiet time without any distractions or worries that Ela will wake up-I didn't mind that it wasn't a very advanced or professional class where I would learn a lot and become a Yogi or something. I went in ecxcitement and was warmly welcomed by Onur, the assistant teacher. After a 1.5 hour-class I felt light and happy. BTW, there was also a family constellation session going on in another room and I would have lovvved to join them but you have to stay till it's finished at 6pm so maybe next time, who knows. Family constellation was my most favorite technique at the Quantum Course. You can get the most amazing information about yourself and family members and create huge changes and shifts. I witnessed the strangest, oddest, weirdest, most surprising, enlightening and eye-opening things during those sessions.
These two new things in my life gave me back a feeling of being free and me again.
The timing is also quite interesting. All the cleansing I've done lately seems to be working and esp. some simple Feng Shui arrangements in my 'Helpful People&Travel' and 'Childrens&Creativity' corners have shown immediate results I believe.

So much for happiness. After the Yoga class I came home and was welcomed by a stressed and nervous husband.His dad went to the supermarket this morning where he slipped on some fabric softener that was on the floor and fell very badly and broke his hip! They immediately took him to hospital and the doc said he needs to rest without moving for at least six weeks. The supermarket people said they'd meet all expenses and for now he will stay in a hospital close to us till next Friday.
He was planning to travel to Istanbul tomorrow so one can't help but ask the question; why did this happen today?

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