Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Free yourself from burdens

Lately, I've been sharing a simple but very effective quantum thinking technique with friends and friends of friends so I thought I share it here as well so that more people can read about and maybe apply it if they want.
This is called "Giving back burdens & freeing yourself technique" and should be done with the father and the mother first. If possible with your parents themselves but since this is often both physically and emotionally not possible you can either code somebody by saying the name in his/her ear 3 times "You are this and that" and then decode by saying his own name 3 times afterwards or simply imagine it.

Let's assume you start with your dad:

Close your eyes and imagine your father standing in front of you, you face each other, then you hold his hands and say:

"Dear father, I love you and I respect you."

Then kneel down, bend over and say:

"I respect you and I deeply I honor you.
I respect your fate. I'm going my own way now to experience my own fate."

Then you stand up, close each of your hands in a fist and put them in your father's palms and say:

"All the burdens and loads I took from you I'm giving back to you now. " (list all of the negative features of your father here, even the ones that don't seem to bother you directly, like his being selfish, being stubborn, being blablabla, his illnesses, his fears, etc etc) and add "All the loads I can't define now and that I will remember later I'm giving back to you now. They belong to you not to me. To you they're not a burden but to me they are. Thank you."

Then open your hands and press your palms against his palms and pull away your hands. Then hold his hands again and say:

"I'm freeing me from you and you from me" (3 times)

Do the exactly same practice with your mother. Think of all of her negative features while you're giving back the loads you once took from her.

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