Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Nurturia

It's been one year since the Turkish mommies website went online. I came across the site on various blogs early this year when Ela was around 7-8 months I guess and from day one we became good friends with this space that allows you to ask all kinds of questions (and get relevant and efficient answers!), make all kinds of comments (also irrelevant ones!), get support & help from experienced moms, create groups on topics you're interested in, share pictures and videos, post updates and chat with other moms that are online and actually make quite good friends, not only online but real friends with whom you actually meet and talk.
It's almost addictive since I don't spend a day without having a look at what's going on there.
Thanks, Damla & Gokhan for creating such a wonderful space for moms!
I'm looking forward to announcing the English version! Anytime soon, Damla???


  1. Thank you very much Janset :)
    We will launch closed beta soon, just leave your e-mail at .