Friday, October 8, 2010

Intense Spiritual Cleansing

For the first time in two years I had the chance, desire, opportunity, need to do some cleansing work on myself. A friend with whom we attended the Quantum Thinking Technique (QTT) Practitioners Course back in 2008 visited me for two days which gave us enough time to work on each other and get rid of some burdens and connections. We made a promise to keep the details to ourselves but I can share that we worked on family connections, past life issues, out-of-balance relationships and future goals using freedom techniques, deep thinking techniques, simple constellation techniques that are part of QTT.
My friend also had her Archangel Oracle Cards (by Doreen Virtue) with her and I got amazing answers from the archangels to the two questions I had asked.
One of the outcomes for me was that I had to use all the techniques I have learned so far to raise my energy level. Therefore, I started with the simpler ones today and did some EFT and Reiki (House Cleansing) practices and started to use daily affirmations again.
I will continue with some practical Feng Shui ideas, meditation, Yoga, and further QTTs.

I'd like to end this post with a spiritual poem by D.H.Lawrence;

It is conceit that kills us
And makes us cowards instead of gods.
Under the great Command: Know thy self, and that thou art mortal!
We have become fatally self-conscious, fatally self-important, fatally entangled in the cocoon coils of our conceit.
Now we have to admit we can't know ourselves, we can only know about ourselves.
And I am not interested to know about myself any more,
I only entangle myself in the knowing.
Now let me be myself,
Now let me be myself, and flicker forth,
Now let me be myself, in the being, one of the gods.

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